PlayStation Plus’ September Update Brings Velocity 2X, Sportsfriends, PSASBR & More

So I was not expecting to see this pop up in September’s PlayStation Plus update. No, it’s not a blockbuster from a huge publisher, but instead it’s Velocity 2X that is headlining next month’s Instant Game Collection!

Futurlab’s sequel to their critically acclaimed shoot ’em up is slotted in as a PlayStation 4 title, but is actually cross-buy to PS Vita as well, and doesn’t skip a beat in the transition.

Alongside it is Sportsfriends, a collection of small local multiplayer games, with the excellently fun Johann Sebastian Joust as its headline act, in which up the 4 or 7 players (on PS4 and PS3 respectively) duel to be the last man standing. There’s a ton of other games in there, and I highly recommend cracking it out in the early stages of a party, before the drinks start flowing.

For the PS3, it’s PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale – also cross-buy and cross-play to the PS Vita – for some brawling with Sony’s wide cast of characters, alongside Hoard, which I have literally no idea about. Apparently you have to kidnap prices and burn villages, and there’s more co-op action as well…

Rounding things out are TxK, Llamasoft’s spiritual sequel to Tempest, and also marks the debut of Joe Danger for the PS Vita, from the time before Hello Games were procedurally generating a gazillion planets.

Alas, I fear that those that regularly decry the lack of big blockbusters will be disappointed once more, but from my point of view, there’s a lot to like about this update.

To sum up what’s coming and what’s going:

Leaving PS Plus:
3rd September: Road Not Taken
3rd September: FEZ
3rd September: Crysis 3
3rd September: Proteus
3rd September: Metrico
3rd September: LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 Years

Entering PS Plus:
3rd September: Velocity 2X
3rd September: Sportsfriends
3rd September: PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale
3rd September: Hoard
3rd September: TxK
3rd September: Joe Danger PS Vita

Make sure to grab all those games before they exit stage left next Wednesday.

Source: PS Blog


  1. Hell. Yes.

    That’s a brilliant line-up.

  2. I’m actually really happy about this. I wasn’t expecting to get Velocity 2X at all. Man, i’ve not payed for any of their games, it makes me feel sort of bad seeing as they’re such a great company.

    I’ve wanted Sportsfriends and Battle Royale for a while now too so that’s great. Joe Danger on Vita is awesome and whilst I don’t know much about the other two they’re a great bonus.

    I love PS+.

  3. Joe Danger might work well on the Vita, so that’s something. Already got TxK, so that’s unfortunate (but it’s well worth a look).

    Hoard is actually quite fun, or at least the PC version was when it was in some Steam sale for 63p about 53 years ago. (Numbers might not be right there)

    Didn’t we have Velocity before though? And now we get a tarted up PS4 version?

    And Sportsfriends looks shit.

    Still, Destiny month. And a big backlog of games. So it’s probably just as well they’re giving us the worst PS+ month ever. I’m sure October will be better, and there’s at least some entertainment to be had in September.

    • PS+ has had Velocity on PSP and Velocity Ultra, which was a remake of this for PS Vita (subsequently released on PS3). Velocity 2X is a full sequel, not another remake, and is for both PS4 and PS Vita.

  4. bit of a meh month for me.
    but a quiet month here and there isn’t gonna kill me.

  5. Well in terms of games, nope no big ones. But in terms of indie games – bloody good ones, and not shitty pixel crap like last month.

    And I told you Battle Royale was coming to PS+ a few months ago when they suddenly decided to patch it :P

  6. another parp month for me.

    We need something other than Indie games. I didn’t buy P+ to be given a years worth of Indie games. I know its a new generation but when you are forced into buying P+ because you can’t play online otherwise, I expect more/better things since more people are buying into it, not cheap games all the time.

    • Tell me about. It’s starting to p!ss me off now!

      • Same here. PS+ was fantastic value the first couple of years but the only games I’ve gotten use out of since PS4 launched are Resogun, Contrast, and Doki Doki Universe… Hardly £40 worth!

        This flood of indie games is really starting to grate on me now.

  7. Yet again, 2 more PS4 indie games I wouldn’t even want to play on an Amiga. Good job I stopped looking forward to the PS+ updates months ago.
    Hopefully theyll be enough to keep me occupied on DriveClub when it’s released as I’m now about to break into my 2nd year of PS+ which pretty much equates to me paying £80 for Resogun as that’s the only game I’ve played a lot & enjoyed on Plus. What a bargain!

  8. So another month where the PS3 offerings just aren’t for me I’m afraid. Played Battle Royale & royally (geddit?) hated it. Not just didn’t like it, but absolutely loathed it.

    Hoard doesn’t really tickle my pickle either.

    Also, does Sportsfriends require a Move to play? If not, then the picture for it (on the video above before playing) is exceptionally misleading. If it does, then that’s a bit shitty as I (as well as others no doubt) don’t have Move.

    What with not having a Vita either, looks like my bandwidth can rest easy this month.

    • Can be played without but the game is local multiplayer only.

      • Ok, ta – Does it have a singleplayer offering though, or is it literally local multiplayer only?

  9. I’m quite gutted I wanted to pay for Velocity X2. They deserve my money FFS. I can’t give it away :-D At least it helps towards my new TV savings.

    • I’ve been wanting to give Playstation All Stars a go just to see what it’s like… And that’s it for me. I’ll probably play it for an hour and not touch it again.

      As someone else said above, I stopped looking forward to the PS+ games some time ago… Good job really :-(

  10. I can’t believe this Velocity game will be free too, really thought i would have the opportunity to pay for one of their games. But in an otherwise lacklustre month i’ll graciously accept.

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