PlayStation Plus’ September Update Brings Velocity 2X, Sportsfriends, PSASBR & More

So I was not expecting to see this pop up in September’s PlayStation Plus update. No, it’s not a blockbuster from a huge publisher, but instead it’s Velocity 2X that is headlining next month’s Instant Game Collection!


Futurlab’s sequel to their critically acclaimed shoot ’em up is slotted in as a PlayStation 4 title, but is actually cross-buy to PS Vita as well, and doesn’t skip a beat in the transition.

Alongside it is Sportsfriends, a collection of small local multiplayer games, with the excellently fun Johann Sebastian Joust as its headline act, in which up the 4 or 7 players (on PS4 and PS3 respectively) duel to be the last man standing. There’s a ton of other games in there, and I highly recommend cracking it out in the early stages of a party, before the drinks start flowing.

For the PS3, it’s PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale – also cross-buy and cross-play to the PS Vita – for some brawling with Sony’s wide cast of characters, alongside Hoard, which I have literally no idea about. Apparently you have to kidnap prices and burn villages, and there’s more co-op action as well…

Rounding things out are TxK, Llamasoft’s spiritual sequel to Tempest, and also marks the debut of Joe Danger for the PS Vita, from the time before Hello Games were procedurally generating a gazillion planets.

Alas, I fear that those that regularly decry the lack of big blockbusters will be disappointed once more, but from my point of view, there’s a lot to like about this update.

To sum up what’s coming and what’s going:

Leaving PS Plus:
3rd September: Road Not Taken
3rd September: FEZ
3rd September: Crysis 3
3rd September: Proteus
3rd September: Metrico
3rd September: LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 Years

Entering PS Plus:
3rd September: Velocity 2X
3rd September: Sportsfriends
3rd September: PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale
3rd September: Hoard
3rd September: TxK
3rd September: Joe Danger PS Vita

Make sure to grab all those games before they exit stage left next Wednesday.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Quite a poor selection from my point of view. Ah well I’ll soon have Destiny to keep me busy.

  2. What a great haul for us Vita owners! I’ve only had Plus for three months and have inevitably missed a pile of great stuff over the years, but I’m still absolutely convinced that a years sub will be worth the money in Vita games alone. Colour me pleased.

  3. Mixed opinions here.

    A bit of a meh month but I think they set expectations when plus started and now they’re struggling to get the big games most people expect. To be fair plus is still excellent value.

    As for vita… Does anyone buy many games any more? I want to support it but they all seem to come to plus, I’ve only bought a few games (counterspy recently) but I do find myself holding off for games to be “free”

  4. I am usually not complaining about Plus offerings, but this looks like an exceptionally disappointing month to me. Better luck next time.

  5. Have pretty much zero interest in any of it. Velocity from what I’ve seen in videos would be more suited to a handheld and giving us a game that a)requires a £50 second controller and b)friends is a bit of a dick move. As for Playstation AllStars Battle Royale I got it in a sale last year for £10 and it wasn’t even worth that to be honest. It’s like Super Smash Bros without the bits that make it fun. If you have friends round, have 4 controllers, and are drunk you may muster some joy out of it for 10 minutes.

  6. Another miss for me. Was made up with ps plus when I had a PS3, great games every month. Feel a little short changed now only have a PS4. I understand that its unlikely for any proper games to be on for PS4, but annoying that ps plus is now mandatory if i want to play online. Indie games are just not for me, it’s not what I bought a next gen console for. Maybe in about a years time they will have something decent on.

    • Couldn’t of said it better myself.
      At least there should be some entertainment with the Plus version of DriveClub which is on it’s way shortly.

      • Yeah i’m looking forward to that. Long overdue, the only game that has really been worth playing is outlast. Which was a good few hours of fun, and seemed more like a game in my eyes. Before I bought my PS4 and was on PS3, we were getting things like battlefield 3, far cry 3, Uncharted 3. All quality games. Now all I can get is stuff like fez, and road not taken. Which just aren’t next gen worthy for a subscription service. Hopefully it’ll start picking up soon.

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