Advanced Warfare To Feature Multiplayer Loot

This year’s addition to Activision’s power-selling franchise is looking to be the most ambitious and inventive to date. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has already shrugged many of the series’ long-standing tropes, doing away with generic antagonists while also bringing a glut of new features to the table.


One of these is the new “Supply Drop” system being introduced to multiplayer. For the past few years, customisation has been the core focus of Call of Duty’s online component, Advanced Warfare taking it that one step further.

These drops are earned both gradually through progression and in co-ordination with in-game challenges. The main draw here is that the contents of these drops are completely random and allow players to customize not only their load-outs but their appearance too. Additionally, some drops will contain one-use support items that can be deployed during a match.

It’s a clever twist to the existing formula and one that taps into the addicting appeal of loot-driven role-playing games. Hopefully Sledgehammer will have a couple more little tricks up their sleeve before Advanced Warfare releases in November.



  1. So its a care package then??

    • With permanent effects, I think you might be able to unlock weapons with it as well.

  2. Sounds very similar to battlefields battlepacks.

    • It does. Spookily similar actually.

      Almost as if they just copied the idea. ;)

  3. “This year’s addition to Activision’s power-selling franchise is looking to be the most ambitious and inventive to date.”

    Im pretty sure this line has been spouted about CoD every single release. Ahh they hype machine rolls on and on.

    All we really want to know is will there be dedicated servers or are they sticking to the age old peer to peer method. Going with dedicated servers will be the only way i will beleive the game to be the “most ambitious and inventive to date.”

  4. “This year’s addition to Activision’s power-selling franchise is looking to be the most ambitious and inventive to date.” – TSA, is this a quote from the PR material you’ve received? If so, should it be in quotes? If not, then it’s certainly a well made up bit of PR hype, well done.

  5. Advanced Warfare To Feature Lag, Racist Players, Lag, Stupid Jumping, P2P Multiplayer and Lag.

    Sorry, I’m grumpy this morning. Need more coffee. Not buying another CoD until it has dedicated servers – they can afford them. Lag compensation is game-breaking for me. What’s the point of being decent, or on a good run of kills if you’re killed by some shit-piece player 2 seconds before you were able to see him.

    • lol! so the lag was an issue then mate?
      i love that!when you’ve not even got round the corner and some douche is already aiming at you and pop you are dead!
      and don’t get me started on the jumping!
      i would like to say I’m not buying it but no doubt i will.

      • Just a bit! ;) It was so frustrating when you are shooting someone in the back who is running away from you (so it’s definitely not me being shit), only for them to turn around and kill you. WTF? But when seeing the kill-cam there was a different set of events where they actually turned around much sooner. It’s game breaking, and offers no reward for decent players.

        I usually say the same and end up buying CoD anyway, but the jumping has 100% confirmed I won’t be buying this game.

        Big Red One, CoD4, [email protected], MW2 never had any of the silliness or gimmicks that have been added. I hate the quick-scoping, the ridiculously fast pace now, even the customisation too – what military would have camo (to be hidden) then have a gun with stupid ducks all over it? Looks daft. Much preferred it when it was a more realistic military shooter. ;)

  6. Adding another layer of skinner box design to a game is a “clever twist”? Personally, I am unimpressed.

    And I’ve never been entirely comfortable with the use of “addicting” as an adjective either :P

  7. So its a care package? Sounds similar to Battlepacks in Battlefield too. Not too sure how this game can really carry on like it has. These aren’t new ideas and unless they change the core mechanics and the p2p lag, its a massive no from me….again.

  8. If this game is still 6v6 or 9v9 in ground war then my pre orders getting cancelled I can’t go back to that after playing on battlefield

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