Salt And Sanctuary Adds Some Flavour To PS4 & Vita, Releasing 2015

Ska Studios has announced Salt And Sanctuary, a side scroliing RPG, which is coming exclusively to PS4 and Vita. This is the first game the studio is bringing to Sony’s consoles. Salt And Sanctuary is being described as a game with “visceral” combat, and will feature different types of character builds. The game itself draws inspiration from the likes of the Souls titles as well as Castlevania, with enemies that are said to prove a challenge.


The story follows a shipwrecked sailor who finds themselves on an island that is full of horrors, with safety only found in Sanctuaries that are dotted around. Here other survivors work together to stave off the horrors of the outside world. You’ll be able to wield sword and shield, two handed weapons, bows, or staffs with each weapon having their own unique attacks. These will also affect the way the character moves, as the weight of the equipment affects speed.

Source: PS Blog


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  1. This looks superb another game I’ll be bouncing between ps4 and Vita on.

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