Feast Your Eyes On Leaked 1080p Screenshots From The Driveclub Beta

The Driveclub closed beta – codenamed Cupcake – is currently underway on PS4, just months before the game releases this October.

An anonymous source sent us over a plethora of in-game screenshots to share with you. The cockpit view images aren’t that exciting, but when you see some of the damage later on, it gets really impressive. Check the images out in the gallery below and let us know what you think.



  1. Pretty!

  2. Damn these look a bit rough… I hope the final version looks better.

  3. That arm looks like something out of Lawnmower Man.

  4. how did the bonnet on the merc in picture 12 get dented yet the bumper are perfect?

    • It may have been a case of road rage with the other guy hammering orjumping on his bonnet.

    • 製品版に期待したい

  5. Picking this up due to my love for racing games, have to say i’ve mixed opinions on these visuals though. It (mostly) looks really nice, but the cockpit view seems a little weird.
    This is just the beta, and screenshots taken always crush black levels and seem lower than the native res, so i’m certain the end product will look even better. Getting both this and Forza Horizon 2, and the Forza fan inside knows i’ll prefer Turn 10’s offering again, but have high hopes for Driveclub being the PS4 equiv. I really hope Evolution give us another Motorstorm!!! I’d even take a Pacific Rift Definitive edition right now!! One of my favorite racers ever.

  6. Got this preordered. Can’t wait. We need some racers on the ps4.

    • The PS4 needs more games which are NOT indie titles.

  7. Just my personal opinion but it can hardly be called a beta version with the release delay and all of the extra development time allocated.

    Is this really an advancement on last gen racer screengrab capability? I just don’t see it, maybe I need an appointment at the Opticians to upgrade the reading bins again!

    I’m sure it’ll end up a great game, but does it warrant a mighty console upgrade to mimic last gen?….could have probably been a PS3 title.



  8. I may actually consider buying a wheel for the first time if this turns out to be good.

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