A Ys Game Is Heading For Both PS4 & PS Vita


My first introduction to the Ys series was when I reviewed Memories Of Celceta six months ago, and I found a new JRPG series to become a fan of. The adventure of Adol Christin was fun and had a story I found enjoyable to discover. Now in a surprise reveal at Sony’s Pre-TGS conference another Ys title has been announced, and it will be coming to both PS Vita and PS4. There isn’t too much detail about what the story for this one will be, or whether it’s a remake. Celceta is considered a remake of Ys IV, so this new one could follow the trend.


Again as far as we know this is yet only confirmed for Japan in 2015, though we may see localisation after the Japanese release. Of course that will all depend on whether the publisher decides the risk is worth it.

Source: Sony Pre TGS Conference.