Bloodborne Releasing In February 2015, Limited Edition Unveiled

Bloodborne is coming sooner than you think, as Sony have revealed that the game will release in Japan on the 5th of February next year in their pre-TGS conference. You can expect a UK and US release date to follow shortly thereafter, and this all seems very quick – I expected to see the title next autumn at earliest.

If you’re unaware, Bloodborne takes the ultra-hard gameplay of the Souls series and merges it with a horror aesthetic, and it’s shaping up to be a great looking game.



As seems to be the norm with announcing release dates, they also revealed a limited edition (which is actually limited, in that it’s the first batch of copies to be released) including some artwork and the soundtrack.

Bloodborne will release exclusively on PS4.

Image source: twitter



  1. It does have really solid looking visuals but i haven’t fared too well with it’s spiritual predecessors so i’ll probably just have to watch somebody more able streaming it. :/

  2. Yes, was not expecting this to launch so quickly. Haven’t attempted a Souls game since the original Demons Souls so I’m looking forward to picking this up – I just wish it didn’t clash with the RE remake and RE Revelations 2 :(

  3. Didnt they announce early 2015 at E3? And the PS store placeholder date was april. That said, I’m sure they would have been better off releasing later on, I’m not interested in Bloodborne, but Feb could be a very expensive month for some…

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