Persona 5 Confirmed For Release On PlayStation 4, Coming 2015

During Sony Japan’s Pre-TGS conference earlier Atlus announced that Persona 5 had been delayed until 2015, but the reason for that could be to do with the fact the game will now also come to PS4 as well as PS3. Persona 5 was originally revealed last year for the PS3 with a Winter 2014 release date. There isn’t a confirmed time for when in 2015 the game will launch, but we do know it will be coming to western markets.


The new trailer doesn’t give too much away showing what I assume is the main protagonist sitting on a train for a while, just observing his surroundings. He then gets off the train and enters a crowded area with it appearing that everyone around him freezes in place, while he is the only one who can see what is happening. Then a blue flame appears in the distance, again while the crowd is frozen, reflecting in the guy’s glasses.

Source: SCEJA Conference/ Youtube



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  1. This was gonna be my PS3s swansong. Guess that title will go to The Last Guardian now….

    I’m glad it’s made its way to PS4 though, it’ll do the art justice with higher resolutions. And hopefully a nice and fluid framerate.

    I wonder if those glasses are what makes him able to witness what’s happening.

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