Silent Hills P.T. Has Been Downloaded One Million Times In Just Over Two Weeks

A few weeks ago at Gamescom a little teaser was released for a title called P.T. At the time it was launched no one knew really what it was or where it had come from, but just a few hours later it all changed. After people started completing the teaser it was revealed that this had been a project devised by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro to reveal a new Silent Hill game, one that would star Norman Reedus.


Earlier during Sony’s pre-TGS conference Hideo Kojima took to the stage to announce that the playable teaser had been downloaded one million times. I don’t count myself within that number though since I just watched streams of people playing it instead, and made the concious decision that I was too chicken to try it for myself.

Source: Sony Conference via Wario 64



  1. I found the demo to be absolutely terrifying, the thing is ive not actually been able to do anything or make anything much happen. There was one thing that happened though and my god it wad horrifying. Have tried to play it 6 times now and have had to turn it off through fear everytime

    This is what I want from games, I want games that make you feel something. Even if that feeling is utter terror

    • Same here, I love horror films and am never scared but me and the wife were sitting there and i was edging forward too scared to turn the corner out of fear for what could be stood there….

      Hope the actual game is like this :)

      • lol, yeah me too. they seemed to have nailed how to do scary. hopefully they can sustain that for the whole game. im loving the horror revival, outlast was a thrill ride from syart to finish and has become my one of my favourite games of all time. gotva’ien isolation on pre order aswell

        i just seem to love shitting myself lol

  2. I should add im glad norman reedus is in it, he’s excellent in the walking dead. Great actor

  3. Downloaded one million times, completed four times.

    …love winding my mate up who just cannot get that second baby cry.

  4. Scary as hell. Great, great piece of work. I’m in :-/

  5. Yeh I got to a point and had to stop. Scared the crap out of. If that’s transferred into the proper game, it’ll be on my “must buy but never play” list I think.

  6. I enjoyed it for maybe 5 minutes. And it was scary. However, not knowing what the controls were has put me off it. Having to google what to do made it lose its horror factor. It wouldn’t hurt to put in some button prompts when coming to a door etc. I would never have guessed I would have to zoom into the slightly open door. Soon got bored of it.

  7. Good numbers!
    It’s a brilliant, terrifying experience which seems to have divided people. I actually had nightmares about it not long ago where I’d gotten to the “next part” which was in a cabin style bungalow thing. Obviously this doesn’t exist but it was awesome how it effected me both in game and in reality (albeit, a dream) a week or so later.
    I love that the game doesn’t hold your hand, give you any hints or even a tutorial. It’s just like games used to be and should be, without the hovering “X” button on highlighted and usable items. It’s like being lumped into a horror situation where you have no idea what to do. In nightmares, monsters don’t have glowing orange areas where you can hit them for example.

    Love it and the direction it’s gone in. I love the absolute terror I’ve felt as a consequence of the game.
    Will be buying and playing with my good friend Andy as tradition dictates with a new Silent Hill game

    • I’m not saying things have to be glowing orange for me to know that they have a use. Even if it just said before I started. “All you can do is walk around and press R3 to get a closer look at stuff”. Instead of me pressing all sorts of buttons to get some sort of response from something. I shouldn’t have to look up at what the controls are on the internet. Even if I was lumped into a horror situation, I would still know how to open and close doors. Pick stuff up etc. I may give it another go now I know there’s only one button to use. I don’t mind a bit of exploring and trying different options. Just knowing what buttons are what isn’t much to ask.

      • I get you. That’s what I mean by it dividing opinion.
        I think the trial and error method works great. If it were a game where the consequence was higher or there was far more happening on screen I’d be irritated but with it being fairly simple it didn’t bother me. I went up to the first counter and pressed every button on everything and realised what the idea was and went from there.
        If it was a case of having to run from a pursuing enemy and you don’t know the Sprint button the panic would be colossal.
        I’ve a feeling there will be a few more mechanics in the actual game but the idea of being forced to luck at something that invokes fear is a great one and the opposite to games like Amnesia where the whole idea is to avoid contact and hide.
        I’ve a feeling the demo is basically the tutorial to the full game. It’s easier to get frustrated at a free demo than it is with a game you’ve paid £50 for.

        Totally get your point though, for some it must have been frustrating but personally I think it only heightened the WTFness of the experience.

  8. A lot of the time I forget that the right analogue stick is also a button. And it’s very rare that R3 is used as an interaction button. I’m pretty sure at the beginning it tells you what the run button is. So it’s odd it would give tell you one button and not the other. Either way will give it another go tonight. I found outlast to be a pretty scary game, and I don’t think the on screen prompts made it any less scarier.

    • As far as I remember there isn’t a run button in PT. There’s a sequence where you automatically move a lot faster but that’s about it.
      The only prompt thing I recall is the blue “X” on the painting of the man and wife.

      Yeah Outlast was great though once the scare had happened, I felt all the atmosphere had drained with the kills. I didn’t think the prompts made it any less scary, Jts just a video game mechanic I’d be glad to see the back of.

      • Must of imagined it then. I’m sure the full game will be alot more than just zooming in on stuff. So id’t be surprised if they threw you in with not knowing what any of the controls were. Will like to see where they go from here and what the end product will play like.

  9. So I gave it another go last night. Was enjoyable and many moments had me pausing the game just to take a moment to relax. I did find some of the puzzles quite difficult. And the end getting the three baby laughs I found quite tedious and had me looking for walkthroughs as I couldn’t get it to work, at that point I wasn’t really fazed by the creepy surroundings as I was losing interest and almost gave up. Did it in the end though, overall it was a good demo. I found the start to be very creepy and just waiting for something to jump out, which it didn’t always do. And I like that…the suspense. However, when you get to parts where you are wondering around on the same loop for 5 or 10 minutes it loses that fear element. I’d say the first half was the better part of the game. I take it they are going for a first person view for the main game also rather than the third person like previous Silent Hill games?

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