Watch Us Play Surgeon Simulator Co-operatively On PS4

Local co-operative play was added to Surgeon Simulator: Anniversary Edition on PS4 midway through last week. This is a feature exclusive to the console version, and sees another hand – a left one, this time – join the original hand for double the surgical shenanigans.

Controlling the right hand with the watch is me (Blair) and controlling the left is TSA member Robert Pelan, who you might know as wick15 on the site. You’ll hear us natter, laugh, and make terrible jokes while not being very good surgeons and generally getting in the way of eachother as we try to work together. We also attempt a high five, use “alternative” tools, and discuss the secret Greek mythology behind the game.

When it all comes together though, it is truly a beautiful sight to behold. It’s almost like we’re real, qualified surgeons. And then we stab our patient in the head until he dies. Catch the video below, or over on our YouTube channel.



  1. Wow! This looks shiiiiiiiiiit!!

    • Just full of positivity aren’t you? ;)

      It’s also actually pretty damn good.

      • Haha! It looks like trying to tie your shoelaces with chopsticks. Bare fun bruv. I used to be interested in about 50% of games. My PS1/2/3 collection can attest to this. These days it’s literally 5%. I don’t think I’m negative, it’s just nearly everything I see looks whack as fuck!

      • Just looking back… I’ve had my PS4 nearly a year now. The only truly great gaming experiences I’ve had with it, were Black Flag and Watch Dogs, neither of which were exactly ground breaking either, but did at least offer a sneak peak into just what the PS4 will eventually be capable of, in terms of graphics and scale. Infamous, Killzone & Resogun were also somewhat enjoyable, and while not essential purchases, certainly worth a play through. Apart from those few though, I’m think I’m just hugely disappointed with this ‘new generation’. I promise I will be more positive when/if the PS4 ever gets going!

      • Yeah, I suppose what you have to bear in mind is that when a new console is released, ‘Epic’ releases (& I use that term loosely!) are generally a bit thin on the ground – I think the only difference this time around is that a lot of the announced titles have been delayed & we have had more indie stuff to attempt to tide us over this time. For some that’s good news, but I think most are getting a little tired of it now & aching for an AAA title to sink their teeth into.

        We all know there are going to be good titles on the way, but the news of delays to things we have been looking forward to is always going to be disappointing & in this case has diluted the current available content somewhat.

        In terms of this though, it looks like what it looks like (which is actually a bit of an improvement on the original release) & as Blair touched upon below, half the fun of this title is the utterly bizarre control scheme (again, I use the term ‘control’ loosely too!) & just the insane ways you can make patient Bob suffer in his time of need.

        If you have a mean streak in any way, the game is awesome.

      • … & hey, a least it isn’t pixelly! ;)

      • “I used to be interested in about 50% of games. These days it’s literally 5%.”
        I’m starting to get like that, not sure whether my expectations are too high or not.

        Saying that so far this gen I’ve enjoyed more games than I thought… FIFA, BF4 online, Infamous (which I didn’t think I would), a bit of AC4, Resogun, Pinball Arcade and once again playing through TLOU.

        I think it’s time I just ignore reviews though as my taste seems to be quite the opposite to what others think.
        Watchdog’s was traded in after about 4hrs play and my latest disappointment is Metro Redux although I haven’t gave it much chance yet. In my view which I appreciate a lot won’t agree with, how that can get a score practically the same as TLOU is beyond me when you compare gameplay, storyline, characters, graphics etc.

    • Yeah, it’s meant to be a bit shit in terms of controlling and actual gameplay, and that’s why it’s so fun!

      • Well I could probably make a broken game where the controls don’t work. It’s like a flight sim where you can only get off the ground for 30 seconds before bursting into flames. Funny once, maybe twice, then £8 you could have spent in the pub.

  2. Good god, that was gruesome. Not sure I’ll return to giving the game a go but it was nice and silly for a couple of hours. :-)

  3. It’s gruesome fun, especially watching someone else playing it. I’ve only managed the first operation so far but that’s actually more to do with me not knowing what i’m supposed to be doing rather than the unwieldly control system.

    • Yeah, I do find it a little bit of a kick in the teeth that you only get the instructional disks for your ‘puter once you have actually successfully done the surgery!

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