The Last Of Us Patch Takes Players To Treacherous Territories In Free Map Update

Naughty Dog has released a patch for both the PS3 & PS4 versions of The Last Of Us which adds new maps, entitled the Treacherous Territories Map Pack.  The two maps, which can be seen in the trailer above, are Beach and Financial Plaza. The former is suited for long range combat, while Financial suits players who enjoy either close combat or long range battles. Along with the two maps there were additional fixes, most of which are for Remastered, and they can be seen below.



  • Fixed multiple scenarios that could result in a crash

Single Player

  • Fixed minor issues with AI pathing
  • Fixed minor issues with missing sound effects

Photo Mode

  • Altered the ‘Roll’ option for the ‘Camera’ function (now rolls 90 degrees in either direction)
  • Added localized logos to the ‘Logo Bars’ selection of the ‘Frame’ function (Russian and Japanese only)
  • Improved camera placement and control allowances
  • Added “Hide Characters” functionality” to photo mode

Free Maps – now in all playlists:

  • Beach
  • Financial Plaza

When entering Factions you will be prompted to download the maps from the PSN Store.

Factions Bug Fixes:

  • Updated matchmaking system to decrease the time it takes to find a match
  • Implemented Party Chat/microphone fixes and improvements
  • Fixed bug where microphone icon would not appear next to the player’s name when talking in the lobby or in-game
  • Fixed various crashes and bugs in the game invite system
  • Adjusted controller vibration intensity when damaged by a gun or bow
  • Fixed an issue where the gun reticle would not display in multiplayer if it was turned off in single player
  • Fixed an issue where grunt and effort sounds could be heard coming from a player with Agility 2 equipped
  • Fixed an issue where Fortitude level 2 wasn’t providing additional health when being shot by a bow while downed
  • Fix for bug where muting a player in the lobby causes a different player to be muted when the lobby changes

Source: Naughty Dog



  1. The new maps are pretty decent, particularly for free, but I’m not a fan of the new scoped weapons, I’ve noticed a larger number of campers now, and due to you not being able to take much damage before dying it can be hard to get to them. I can’t help but feel they’re just there to make money or done for the sake of doing something – the game was fine before!!

    • I agree with Youles, but I am loving the new maps and itching to play it again xD

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