Project CARS Races To Release On November 21st

You wait all year for a racing game to arrive on your shiny new console, and then about 20 of them come at once. Project CARS is far from the only racer to come out in the last few months of this year, but it’s the one that is focussed most on simulation style racing. It also has a new release date, with Game revealing that Namco Bandai have given them a date of November 21st for release on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


So if you’re after 1080p60 out of your console, or have three 4K screens hooked up to your PC and want something that’s designed specifically to cater to them, now you know when and where to look. Wii U owners are going to be kept waiting a while longer, though.

The only real problem with this is that November is so jam packed with games that most of you simply won’t have the time, let alone the money to play them all at once…

Source: Game Twitter



  1. Got it preordered. Looking forward to this and Drive Club.

  2. I’m sure that date was on their website when I got an email about special edition about three weeks ago.
    Really looking forward to this, and most of the other driving games out around then.

  3. That’ll do nicely. Might ask for it for crimbo as I’ve already preordered advanced warfare and halo collection.

    Hopefully this game is well received, its been an interesting way to develop a game. They could sell half a dozen copies and still be fine.

  4. It’s a shame all the good racing games are being released around the same time of year as I’ll not have the time to play them all. At the moment it’s Codies F1 game that’s going to get left on the shelf, shame as it’s looking good in the new video of a hot lap of new Sochi circuit with Daniil Kvyat at the wheel of his Scuderia Toro Rosso.

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