Ubisoft Reveal Watch Dogs’ T-Bone DLC For September 30th Release

Watch Dogs has been a big hit for Ubisoft, and we can be pretty sure there’ll be a sequel announced down the line, but to help tide us over Ubisoft are now showing off the last part of their DLC season pass – ownership of which gains you early access – giving you a chance to step into someone else’s shoes.

Entitled Bad Blood, it hops over to let you play as T-Bone, exploring his backstory from before he appeared in Watch Dogs itself. Set over the course of 10 missions throughout Chicago, it also adds new “Street Sweep” contract missions to the map, which can be played in a brand new co-op mode that sees you taking on Chicago’s criminal gangs and doers of bad things.


The real centrepiece new tool as you play is bound to be the remote controlled car “Eugene”, which you’ll be able to upgrade over the course of the story with new offensive and defensive abilities. It features quite heavily in the DLC pack’s trailer:

Bad Blood will be available for all on 30th September, but season pass holders will be able to grab it a week earlier on 23rd September.

Source: press release



  1. I’m thoroughly enjoying Watch Dogs and will probably get this at some point. It’s so fresh to have a new style of gaming for a change. I feel like this is the start of a good franchise.
    Yet to complete the main game as I keep getting distracted by the side quests and QR codes.

    • Same here im on act 2 i think… i got as far into act 1 to get all the unlocks then doing all the sides and stuff, its cram packed with stuff to do

      • It’s a good game and as you say a lot of variety by the end though repetition had really set in for me.

  2. Interesting. I still have a few bits and pieces to clear up in the main game first. I also tend to find single player dlc like this to be slightly too expensive. A fiver and I’d probably be in, but this will be £8 at least I reckon.

  3. Although I enjoyed watch dogs,It got a bit tedious in parts,so I won’t be getting this.
    Although I will look forward to a possible sequel :-)

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