Amazon’s Fire TV Pre-Orders Loose In Germany And The UK

Amazon’s play for a HDMI port on the back of your TV started back in April when they announced the Fire TV, equipped with some fairly powerful internal components and Amazon’s customised branch of Android dedicated, in this case, to delivering video content as efficiently as possible, with voice control built into the remote, and even a few games with the dedicated gamepad.

However, it was only made available in the US and it’s only now that Amazon have decided to roll out a release in Europe, starting with Germany on 25th September before heading to the UK on 23rd October. It’s now up for pre-order – and it’ll be difficult to miss the gigantic ad on Amazon’s front page – for €99 in Germany and £79 in the UK, but there’s also a discount running until Monday for Amazon Prime customers. Unfortunately, that’s where Amazon’s excahnge rate calculator seems to have fallen of the table, as the discounted price is €49 or £49.


The game controller comes in at €39.99/£34.99, but bundles Amazon Game Studios’ Sev Zero shooter, which is the exclusive flagship title for the system amidst a catalogue of games that heavily features games that you may know from their Android and iOS versions. However, the real focus is still on streaming, and you can diverge from Amazon’s home grown service with the likes of Netflix and the upcoming addition of Demand 5 for Channel 5 catch up. I can’t seem to spot BBC iPlayer or Now TV, so this won’t initially be the one stop hub of TV and film.

Then again, I’m sure Amazon have a plan to make that happen…



  1. I’ve tried reading the title of the article several times, but I just can’t make sense of it.

  2. They’ve still got their amusing selective comparison chart, comparing it to Apple TV and Chromecast.

    It lists “voice search” as if that’s some sort of bonus. No, it’s not. Talking to electronics makes you look a bit stupid and rarely works anyway.

    Apparently the Chromecast doesn’t have a “Remote with no line of sight required”. Er, yes, it does. It’s your phone or tablet.

    It does, however, list Spotify, which is nice. No plans on Chromecast support for that, it seems. Maybe Amazon did some deal?

    Not having iPlayer (which works with Chromecast) is odd. It’s also kind of a miracle it’s got Netflix, really.

    Why would anyone want one? Especially at £79? Anyone reading this has probably got something they can play better games on, which does most of the stuff it does anyway.

    What makes Chromecast handy is sending stuff from a phone to the TV. Plus the fact that you can pick them up for a lot less. They even had them in Tesco the other day for £18.

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