Bayonetta 2 Nintendo Direct Sets Western Release For October 24th

The partnership between Nintendo and Platinum Games is about to bear fruit once again, as the latest Nintendo Direct was rebranded to the Bayonetta 2 Direct, hosted by Director Yusuke Hashimoto and Producer Akiko Kuroda from Platinum Games. As you can probably guess, it was pretty much all about Bayonetta 2, with the UK broadcast confirming an EU release of October 24th, a date which had been confirmed for North America last week.


There’s a lot of information, both new and old, in the 30 minute video which started by branding the gameplay as “non-stop climax action”. There’s a brief introduction to the story, before it continues to talk about the enemy design, new additions to the combat, such as Witch Time and dodge offsets and a demonstration of the Tag Climax co-op mode.

You’ll also get to play dress up with Bayonetta’s hair – which is her clothing, let’s not forget – switching costumes within the game, which will include a bunch of Nintendo cross-overs. So there’s the Mushroom Kingdom Princess, the Hero of Hyrule, Galactic Bounty Hunter and the Star Mercenary. I’ll let you draw the links to the various Nintendo properties, but all the costumes have some unique moves, which could be fun to play around with – then again, maybe you just want Bayonetta to have a fox tail and ears?

Rounding off the video, they revealed the release date to be October 24th, as well as the various editions that will arrive in the EU. There’s a limited “first print” edition, with just 15,300 being made, which features both Bayonetta games with a special Book of Angels themed case, which comes alongside a special edition release that also includes both games. Finally, Bayonetta 2 is also available on its own. This is all in contrast to North America, which just gets the two games bundled together.

When it comes to the eShop, however, both regions will let you buy the games individually and receive a discount when you buy the other.

Source: Nintendo Direct



  1. Seen the game for around £32 at a lot of places which isn’t bad considering you also get the first game. Now I just need to get a Wii U.

    • That £32 price seems to me like it’s going to be the Bayonetta 2 Solus pack. It all depends on if the retailer is big enough and dumb enough to continue advertising it as including the original and suck up the cost.

  2. Nintendo of Europe is really handling this release like champs. I’m torn between the fancy collectors edition or simply going digital. I’m leaning towards the latter though, due to being able to buy the games one at a time.

  3. Looks great, looking forward to it. Only question now is whether I cough up the extra £10 or so for the original game, its been a while since I played it

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