WeView Verdict: Wolfenstein: The New Order

Not one of you had a bad word to say about Wolfenstein: The New Order. Its old school gunplay, lengthy campaign and interesting alternate history proved to be a winning formula, even with the omission of a multiplayer mode.

Psychobudgie said Wolfenstein was “over the top in every sense of the word” later going on to say “there is something special about shooting a Nazi zombie android robot in the face with an overpowered shotgun on the moon”. It all sounds a bit ridiculous, but in a good way of course.


Intially bought “as a stop-gap” to get “through a distinct PS4 gaming drought”  for Lyts1985 Wolfenstein quickly became “one of the best, most enjoyably OTT games of 2014” for them. They were a fan of the “well-told, engrossing, alternate story”, praising it for not being “as short as other shooters on the market”.

Wonkey-willy, who “loved every minute of Wolfenstein” described it as “a balls deep, good old fashioned, no brained shooter”, which is probably my favourite description of the game to date. They admired “the fact that Wolfenstein never pretends to be something it isn’t”. You know exactly what to do: “get from A to B following a somewhat loose plot, blasting the living crap out of everything on the way”.

Both TSBonyman and Element666 enjoyed the gameplay. While element66 l”liked how you could play stealthy or go in guns blazing”, TSBonyman took a liking to the cutting tool which made out “for some enjoyable alternative gameplay along the way”.

Foxhound_Solid called Wolfenstein “an absolute belter of a game”, that had “great set pieces with some gruesome choices”. However, they did criticise it for having “no real replay value” (OK I lied a little, maybe there were some bad words said about the game after all).

As a “flawless shooter”, Coruscant, also found Wolfenstein’s story engaging, going on to say the featured romance in the plot was “the best developed” in a game they’ve seen.

Finishing off this week’s verdict is Nate’s comment which really highlights why Wolfensetin: The New Order has had so much praise.

Wolfenstein highlights everything that is wrong with modern day shooters, by rejecting them entirely. It is a good, old fashioned twist on a modern game that is above all else genuinely fun to play. In a saturated grey market, Wolfenstien is a vivid splash of red.

With Buy It votes all-round (6 overall) it seems that you’re in for one heel of a ride with Wolfenstein: The New Order. For those who were pondering in the comments section about whether to purchase the game this should hopefully help you make your mind up.

Fez will be the featured game for tomorrow’s WeView, so it’s been replaced with Trials Fusion in the suggestion poll.




  1. “balls deep”, such a lovely phrase and one I totally agree with.

    • Hah, I liked that too. The ‘old school’ comments we’re good to see too, it made the game sound very appealing, I’ll probably get it!

      • definitely worth picking up mate,probably once the Destiny dust has settled..

      • I won’t be getting Destiny, I’m getting the impression that it’s not really my thing, so it’s Wolfy all the way!

  2. Looks like I ought to buy it then!

  3. Seems like the type of game that could end up on Plus… I’ll wait it out for now, but colour me intrigued! :D

  4. Just copped from Asda for £35. Bring it on!!!!

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