Apparently PSP Will Not Be Able To Access PS Store From September 15th

It looks like Sony is removing the ability access the PlayStation store via the PSP from next week, at least according to this post on a German site. The confusion is though whether this means Sony is just removing store access, or whether closing down all PSN services for the handheld. Apparently this change will come from the server side of operations, not a firmware update, so there will be no way to gain accessibility.

After the Playstation Portable has recently received a firmware update to version 6.60 3 years ago, and they just left was allowed to lie since that was announced today that the PlayStation Store will be removed access via the PSP from the September 15, 2014.
That change will take place on the server side, and not via a firmware update, so neither modified firmware, not-updating will not help.
PSP titles will still be transferred via a computer with or without Media Go on your PSP device, as it always has been and to give input on the E1000. The function new content to download via Wifi but omitted from approx next week. Especially for owners of a PSP Go this is a slap in the face, because those depend on the PSN store, if they (the remainder strongly recommended) firmware does not have piped unofficial.
The PS Vita is not affected by this change, fortunately, if one uses the pre-installed PSN Store App of the PS Vita.
According to the sent email, however, you should still be able to view the download list on the PSP, from a wireless download option, as it is possible to date / was, there is unfortunately nothing.

This means that PSP owners will no longer be able to purchase games through the store, but apparently will have access to the download list so you can still acquire your older games. Though the vast majority of PSPs use UMDs you can still buy games for them that way. However PSPGo owners are right out of luck if they wish to buy any new games for the console.


We’ve contacted Sony to clarify whether this affects just the store, or if this means all services, including multiplayer, will be shut off.

Source: KingX Forum viaNeogaf



  1. The PSPgo was one of sonys biggest failures and I guess this is Sony admitting as such.

    • Nah… Betamax was. Then maybe MiniDisc. We never really found out if PSP made profit in the long-run. :-\

  2. Not tried it in a while, but Media Go should still let you access the store, so you can still guy and upload via USB

  3. How ironic, the before-it’s-time digital download PSPGo is now incapable of what originally set it apart from the other handhelds.

  4. Wow. That sucks.
    Even though you can access your data from PC and PS3 it kinda drills home that your purchases might not always be around forever.

    • I understand that things have to, potentially, stop being supported but it’s a cold harsh lesson about digital content and delivery.

      • Yup, Media Go will follow eventually and the Vita will suffer even more from the same fate with its indie focus. This sort of new should always come with a sincere and honest statement and in my opinion a balls-out final hurrah sale to celebrate what was a revolutionary console. I love my PSP.

        And talking about failed media formats (you can have film UMD Mike, but not game!!) like Betamax and Minidsic, what about Laserdisc and HDDVD? Anyone got any more?

  5. Hopefully the Vita will be able to play all PSP games one day.

  6. Let’s face it, the PSP go is one of the easiest units to modify and run homebrew and PSP iso files, if your that way inclined.don’t think go owners will be overly fussed.
    But once again greedy Sony kick its fan base. In the nuts and expect us to get on with it.before long the vita will suffer the same fate.

  7. If this is true, could you still buy via the web store?!/en-gb/home/main

  8. You can no longer access the store through MediaGo. It directs you to the SEN website instead.

    Sony have a history of removing access to paid-for digital content. They did it with comics on PSP too. They also persist in not doing what all PC-based digital games services do – have a digital locker, where people can easily access all games they have paid for.

    That we have to redownload games from a single download list with no sorting or filtering options shows that they’re not serious about long-term ownership issues and would rather you lose access and have to rebuy stuff. My download list is now 2000+ items long – full of demos, PSP, vita, PS3, PS4, minis, etc. If I want to retain access to the PSP games I bought online it looks like I’ll need to go through the download list on my PS3, download each of them and transfer them to a harddrive.

    It’s difficult to like Sony when they do stuff like this.

  9. Hahahahahahahaha!, Hahahahahahahaha! And idiots who bought a Gaystation product try to this day to argue and convince me that sony is better than Microsoft…..
    Aparrently, NOT! while all the GAYSTATION owners will be crying like you lot about losing their digital content that they have paid for, I’ll still be able to access, but and re download previous purchases from the xbox marketplace….!
    Use your heads, sell that Sony crap and get a real gaming console

    • Aw, where’s Blackarts or Blighty when you need them eh? :D

      • Would be funny to see them face off. Although I can’t argue with the essential fact that Sony have been douches with their handheld console of recent. Not crying over it though. Mildly miffed perhaps!

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