Grand Theft Auto V Appears On US PS Store With $49.99 Price

Grand Theft Auto V for the new generation and PC was confirmed a couple of months back, though a release date is yet to be confirmed. Rumours have it pinned for a November release, which would make sense should Rockstar be aiming for the Christmas period, but the issue over price is also yet to be resolved. However, we could have the first indication as the game appeared on the US PS Store, priced at the discounted rate of $49.99.



If this is the correct price then this could translate to a discounted price in the UK and Europe, similar to what The Last Of Us: Remastered had which launched at a price of £39.99 on the store. There’s no official word from Rockstar, and this is the only indication of price thus far as the Steam page shows nothing as does the Xbox website.

Source: WorldsFactory



  1. If it’s around that price I may be tempted, if they include all the DLC.

  2. Hang on… That also says DriveClub full game $29.99.

    • Exactly what I thought too! Thought it was due to be a full price release, and all retailers are pricing it as a £50 game. Even a $1:£1 conversion at that price would do me!

    • PS Plus upgrade price, maybe.

    • Well if it turns out being half decent, I’ll definitely get the full game if it’s only gonna be 20 odd quid for the PS Plus upgrade.

    • That’s the far more interesting thing here.

      • It definitely is, good spot Dave! That’s fuel on the fire for the internets, now I’m wondering if it’s a faked image?

  3. Knowing the usual PSN conversion rate it will be £49.99 over here. ;)

  4. I was expecting full RRP, and considering retailers were doing TLoU Remastered for about £30, this is great!

  5. Just f****** announce the damn release date Rockstar! I don’t care how much they charge. I needs this.

  6. Alien isolation and NfS are also $50 on that screen grab.

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