Payday 2 Is Getting Hotline Miami DLC On September 30th

Here’s a collaboration I didn’t see coming but Payday 2 will be getting Hotline Miami DLC. The trailer doesn’t give much away but just imagine exploring the hyper violent, weird world of Hotline Miami in a first person view. The DLC will have one new heist, though other details haven’t been revealed by Overkill Software. Maybe there will be new weapons added.

At the moment the DLC has only been confirmed for PC via Steam, though it could come to Xbox 360 and PS3 at a later date. However, if that is happening we won’t know for a little while. The release date is September 30th though a price has not yet confirmed by the developer.

Source: Twitter/Steam


  1. My only thought on this is “Haha, Awesome”

  2. PD2 is still dead to me,to be honest. Had my fun but felt completely messed around by terrible updates, etc.

    However, the first Payday had the excellent hospital level from Left 4 Dead (on the PC version) which was great fun. Especially as Bill turned up for a cameo appearance. :-)

  3. I agree with Mike Payday 2 is dead the first one was miles better!
    But I gotta admit that this is quite funny actually xD

    • Not sure if you saw the absolute clusterf**k of a mess with the updates (on the PC version) but it smashed the enjoyment of the game, square in the face. One of the biggest gaming disappointments I’ve had in ages.

      • Can’t say I have as soon as I Platinum that game I never returned so wouldn’t know what has been changed/amended.

  4. Got 2 trophies and gave up after that,may try again if others start playing again.

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