Community Round-Up: 13/09/14

How is everyone enjoying Destiny then, the $500 million game? Judging from the reactions I’ve seen, it’s been mixed, but mostly positive. It also didn’t seem like there were any major launch day problems, which is uncommon for online-only games, so well done to Activision and Bungie for that!

If you’ve managed to put down the game for 5 minutes, or if like me the game just doesn’t appeal to you, then read on for this week’s Community Round-Up!

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For the TSA Meets this week, you can expect Monday night’s GT6 Meet, Red Dead hopefully happening on Wednesday or Thursday, and then Battlefield on Friday.

As always, you can add your own Meet to the list, provided you have more than 250 TSA Points.

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We had twice as many Reviews this week, with a good mix of genres too. Our high scorer was Madden NFL 15, with an impressive 9/10. Dom described it as “easily the most complete release in the series so far”, while in my first review on TSA, I discovered Train Fever for PC has the potential to be a brilliant transport tycoon game, giving it a solid 7/10.

Meanwhile, Peter did a video review of the Asus Echelon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, as Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Edition earned a 7/10 from Jim.

Sam believes The Sims 4 could become a great game in a few months with some polish and some post-launch features, but until then, it’s only worth a 6/10, and for the last Review, try to spot how many sheep related jokes you can find in Dan’s review of Flockers, which also earned a 6/10.

It was quieter on the Previews front, with Stefan having a glimpse at how Ryse will look in 4K on PC and what you can expect when you play as a Templar for the first time in Assassin’s Creed Rogue. Lastly, there’s also a video of Tef and Bunimomike having a blast in Dead Rising 3 on PC.

Destiny featured in the Blogs twice this week, with Blair talking about why he was glad he missed the Alpha and Beta, and was going in blind, whilst Stefan wrote why the Alpha and Beta ruined some of the launch day hype for him.

Jim reminisces about Demon’s Souls, as Fez replaces Wolfenstein: The New Order in WeView after a stellar Verdict without a bad word said about it!

In the latest update of the Chronicle, Microsoft’s Destiny fragrance dig, Destiny’s cross-gen update deal and PS4 Firmware Update 2.0 were all included in Hot Topics.

To finish off our look at the articles, the Podcast returned (although with one man down) in Episode 153, as What We Played #173 featured Minecraft, Flockers, and of course, Destiny!

Time for a quick leap into the Forums, to check out the new threads:

  • Parryman has a question about trading in games at Game
  • And Andrew wants to know; what Destiny class are you using?

The Formula E Championship kicked off in Beijing this morning, so if you saw it, what did you think of it? Right now as I write this, I’m not sure if it’s going to ‘grab’ me as much as F1, but we shall see! Anyway, I’ll be here next week as usual, so until then – bye!



  1. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this morning’s race, even though the circuit was boring, the race was still pretty exciting! The last corner indicent was quite impressive too, but it was good to see Heidfeld out of the car so quickly and running over to yell at Prost (rightly so).

    Feels a bit odd though now that we have over a 2 month wait for the next race!

    • I’ve only just seen a video of the crash. Such a dangerous move from Prost, horrific in fact. I’d have been furious too. :P

      • He’s got a 10 place grid penalty for the next race which seems reasonable, and I doubt he’ll be winning many FanBoost votes anytime soon!

    anyone that hasn’t picked up Destiny yet its available for £34.85 from simply games

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