Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Recovery & Retreat Multiplayer Maps Showcased

Over the last week some videos of Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare have appeared on IGN, with two of those videos showing off a couple of maps people will be shooting each other on when the game releases in November. The videos have commentary on them from Greg Reisdorf, the lead multiplayer designer for the next entry for the Call Of Duty franchise.  The first map in the video above is called Recovery and is set in Hawaii. The other map in the video below is called Retreat, though it was originally called Venus. The name was changed recently, which may be down to that other big FPS that released recently which has locations on the planet Venus.


Have a watch and tell us what you think about the two locations.

Source: IGN



  1. Bland,sorry but it is imo.Similar to black ops 2,i didn’t play Ghosts and i don’t think i’ll play/buy this.What they need to do is to get back to basics and a change of scenery is needed.Just break up the same old,same old and try Vietnam or back to WW2 or even WW1 something to break up the monotony of playing the same game every year.

    • Whilst I agree with you I can also understand why Activision are maintaining a tight leash on the design of COD games every year. They need to give the audience what they want, which is twitch shooting in tight maps with plenty of choke points.
      I agree that the maps all look the same. I know that the designs are different and objectives change a little from iteration to iteration but I feel that the colour palettes used are too similar and the maps are instantly recognizable as being that of a COD game. It’s just become very, very stale.

      • Sad but true.I want to be excited like i was with MW 1/2 and Blops but i just can’t with the current run of things.I’ve not heard anything from Treyarch in a while and they normally have a game out between MW games,will we see something new from them?

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