Smash Bros. Wii U Amiibo Bundle Coming, Game Could Release In November

With just a few weeks until the release of Super Smash Bros. for 3DS, fans are understandably eager to hear more about the forthcoming Wii U version, which will see the launch of Nintendo’s Amiibo NFC figurine range, allowing players to store progress, use them in battle, and even level-up their figurines.



Walmart have now listed a bundle which comes with three Amiibo figurines – Mario, Link, and Pikachu – at a price of $99. The listing does not have a release date, but a reservation card from the retailer Fred Meyer shows a release date of the 21st of November for the title. That’s a Friday, which is usually a good bet for a release date, and end of November seems likely if it’s to come this year.

In your final bit of Smash Bros. news for the day, it looks as though you won’t be able to post to Miiverse unless you upgrade to one of those fancy new 3DS consoles, the ones with the better CPU and screen.

Source: DualShockers