WeView Verdict: Fez

 Fez split opinion amongst readers. Some of you loved the old school platforming on offer, where as others were left a little frustrated, with even some of you refusing to play it because of its visual style.

Kicking off with the negatives this week we have JustTaylorNow. Although they “downloaded fez for free” they haven’t “booted it up due to the fact it’s pixel”, and they refuse to play games with pixel-art visuals. I am hugely put off by its art style too, so Fez certainly has love it or hate feel regarding its visual design.

Wonkey-willy’s experience with Fez escalated very quickly. They explained: “found it charming to start off with…but then after about an hour of trying to find out where I was and working out the map, the charm soon wore off”, later going on to say “is burn it an option?”

“I can see how Fez divides opinion” said Ron_mcphatty, “it’s not a simple game and the complete absence of any hand-holding makes you work very hard to work out what’s going on”. Their only complaint was “that it took too long for the secrets of Fez to start making sense”.

TSBonyman also reported that Fez was “increasingly difficult to follow” as the levels started to branch out. Finding Fez “needlessly complicated and overwhelming” was Lyts1985, who like many others “soon got fed up of it”.

Now onto the positives. Zb100 was very enthusiastic about Fez calling it a “fantastic, old school platforming mixed with a nifty twist” with “the cross-play is an absolute godsend”. In fact an old school platformer was a term thrown about a lot in the comments.

Pyschobudgie compared Fez to Paper Mario, “which is no bad thing” saying the game had “incredibly inventive gameplay, mixed with some great presentation”. Kjkg said Fez was a “fantastic wee game” thanks to “lovely puzzles and actually a really decent length”.

With the help of Google Justinjh really enjoyed Fez, saying “it’s definitely a game that rewards exploration with many eureka moments when you finally solve some of the puzzles”.

Crawfail’s comment was particularly funny. Whilst he said Fez was a great game he wasn’t too keen on the person who made it. Saying “I’d say buy it but you’ll be giving him money. Lovely game though”.

Now it’s down to the all important votes. Narrowly winning this week was Buy It with 5 votes. Sale It came a close second with 4 votes, and Plus It and Avoid It received 3 and 2 votes respectively. There really was quite the divide in opinion as the votes clearly show. So Fez is worth picking up, but only as the right price.

Tomorrow we have Trials Fusion as the featured game for WeView. In the poll all the suggestions have been replaced, with Bound By Flame, Child Of Light, Daylight and Watch Dogs.




  1. Thanks for the mention.

    I really did love Fez and also appreciated the lack of hand holding. It brought back to mind Repton in particular, mixed with a bit of Manic Miner for good measure.

    Just bracing myself for a first-player second run through.

  2. Haha thanks for the mention!! Didn’t expect that.

    I listened to a podcast lately by the guys at Cane and Rinse. They were all very much full of praise for Fez. Maybe one day I’ll give it the time it deserves.

    Phil Fish is still a nob though.

    • Hah, he is, an interesting one though.

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