Beyond Eyes Has A Blind Protagonist Exploring The World, Coming To PS4, Xbox One & PC In 2015

Team17 has announced a publishing deal with the studio tiger and squid, with this deal bringing the game Beyond Eyes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year. The game is an exploration title about a girl called Rae who is looking for her cat, Nani. However Rae suffered from an accident which left her blind, so leaving her home Rae must piece together what the world is like through her other senses, like touch for example.


Sherida Halotoe, developer from tiger & squid, spoke about the deal and what it meant.

“I’m super excited to be part of Team17’s Partner Program because it gives me the opportunity to create the best version of Beyond Eyes possible, allowing me complete creative freedom while having Team17’s experienced support network in place. One of the great things about Team17 is that they love and support games in all shapes and sizes, providing all the feedback and help that the individual partners might need.”

Beyond Eyes reminds me a bit of the Unfinished Swan though with a lot less splatter. It’s quite an interesting concept for a game, and if you’re EGX this year you’ll be able to play Beyond Eyes.

Source: PR/Youtube



  1. Really liked the look of it, it reminds me so much of this guy’s art:

  2. Interesting concept but not a damn clue how it fleshes out into a game. However, it may well still be as splatter-based as Unfinished Swan if she walks out into traffic.


    • Haha! As soon as I saw the word ‘splatter’ this was my line of thinking too – Although my notion was more along the lines of her wandering to the top of a multi-storey building & not realising quite where she was before plummeting to the ground.

      • “I’m sure this is just a curb”… “Off I go”… *SPLAT*!

        Oooo, perhaps that’s what this is – a very beautiful game of Frogger. :-)

  3. That reminds of something like an Enya music video in the 80s.

    The game might end up being quite good but who the hell thinks up these concepts?!

    “I know, lets make a game where you play as a blind girl… who… who’s lost her cat & yo’ve gotta find it!”
    “Yeah man, what a cool idea!!! Lets do it!”

    Just saying :)

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