WeView: Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion was top of the poll by quite some distance for this week’s WeView. Fusion was the Trials series’ debut on PlayStation consoles, after originally being exclusive to Xbox and PC. It fared well too, scoring 79 on Metacritic.

I’ve only played the free demo of Trials Fusion and I enjoyed it a lot. It reminds me of those frustratingly good free online games where you had to drive supercross bikes over haystacks and tumbleweeds. However, for some reason I can’t justify spending nearly £16 on a game like Trials. I’m hoping it will come to PlayStation Plus soon.

Peter (a big Trials fan) reviewed the game for TSA, scoring it an impressive 9/10. Tricks were a new feature in Trials Fusion with Peter saying they “seem a natural addition to the series and the way they’re implemented is perfect for the game”. It adds “another deep layer of finely balanced control to fit into the panicked moments between jumps”.

Although Trials allows “the player to blast through the early stages”, the hook is returning to those initial levels and “scoring a quick time to get you up that leaderboard or shaving a few tenths of a second off a time to beat your friend”.

Thanks to create mode “you’ll have a practically endless supply of new courses to try out and some of the creativity shown by users previously would hint at a bright future for this section of the game”. One feature that also really stands out for me is the “four player local multiplayer races”.

Peter concluded:

Trials Fusion continues the tradition of finely balanced frustration and joy that always made previous games in the series so compelling. The online multiplayer situation is a little unclear at launch but this series has always been mostly about the leaderboard struggles and Fusion delivers that in spades. The user-generated content adds plenty of longevity, even beyond the promise of those six DLC packs over the next year and the new trick system – frustrating and difficult to master as it is – is a perfect fit for the game.

Now it’s over to you. What did you think of Trials Fusion, and is create mode still going strong five months after release? Let us know in the comments below. Give the game either a Buy It, Sale It, Plus It or Avoid It rating. Be sure to get your comments in by Sunday evening to be included in next Monday’s verdict article.


  1. Although I enjoy this game,I wish I never bought it. I played it for a few days and never bothered going back to it,nothing drew me back in.
    Plus it from me.

    • Same here. I Loved trials evolution and hoped you could play against your friends.. To be told that the developer remove traditional only because no one used it is a step backwards in my opinion.

      At least you can now make local multiplayer tracks. I used to love play against friends and racing against their real-time ghosts.

      If I hadn’t brought the season pass I would have sold it by now.

  2. It’s a ‘sale it’ from me, just as i did about a month ago. The most enjoyable part of Trials Evolution for me was the on-line racing against friends or strangers. I assumed this feature would be added at a later date to Trials Fusion but reading previous comments i guess i was mistaken. Maybe after Evolution my expectations were too high but it seems like more of the same. Given the quality of the previous title though that shouldn’t necessarily be seen as a negative. If you liked Evolution, you’ll like Fusion.

  3. I think I would have to say ‘Sale It’, if only because it was a fantastic game to play at first when there was lots of regular competition.

    However, I haven’t been back to it for months, and whilst I’m sure I’ll enjoy it if I do go back, I don’t see the same enjoyment of beating a lap time if that person isn’t playing anymore.

    The gameplay is to the same level as previous games, and the refinement of the physics model is exceptional, but I think that the series is perhaps becoming a little tired, for me at least.

  4. I feel most people have already voiced similar opinions to mine, so I’ll supplement by mentioning the insane track-creator. It gives people the same tools used by the developer when creating tracks, and there are people out there with too much time on their hands who’ve created 2D Donkey Kong (the arcade game), a Minecraft clone and a first person shooter with wall-running! It’s a great bonus to the already good game.

    Sale it.

  5. I loved it until I got to the later levels and then found it just a tad too challenging. Much better with friends but oddly lacking a lot of social features that would have extended it’s appeal greatly. Sale it here as it loses it’s appeal a little too quickly for me.

  6. Enjoyable at first but I felt the difficulty was ramped up too much after the first few stages. There’s only so many times you can retry a level before it goes from fun to frustrating.

    Anyone that platinums this deserves a, err, trophy?!

    Avoid it from me, unless you are some kind of sado-masochist.

  7. http://www.base.com/buy/product/trials-fusion-ps4/dgc-fusionps4.htm?gclid=CLWtpJir5sACFQQGwwodXj4A2A
    £19.99 with season pass if you fancy it
    Only tried the demo, was fun chasing the ghosts of fellow TSA members.
    Not something I would buy. Plus it maybe?

  8. Just got it last weekend and I’m actually positively surprised, as I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe it’s just because I’m still really early on, but I’m tempted to give it a ‘buy’ at the moment, which probably only counts half, as I’ve not played it much yet.
    And, I did get it because I still had a voucher for this specific shop, so I have to admit I practically got it for free… ;o)

  9. loads of fun.
    starts out easy and really fun, the hard levels get infuriatingly bloody hard, but it doesn’t stop being fun.
    mostly because of the level editor and share options
    and some of the levels are pretty damn amazing, somebody made a small version of minecraft in the game, somehow, it’s a little island and you can place and remove blocks.
    who knows how they did it, but they did.
    and just today i saw a video of a version of the original Donkey Kong in the game.

    a very versatile level editor it seems.

    there are a few problem, in my opinion anyway.
    the rider still just throws themselves backwards and forwards on the bike with the slightest touch of the right stick, there’s no finesse, not a problem with most levels, but when you get to the hard levels, well, it just renders them virtually impossible, for me at least, i assume there are people who can beat them, no clue how though.

    and the continued lack of female riders, even in the future women can’t ride moterbikes?
    that’s irritating and disappointing, but in no way affects the gameplay so it’s not really a factor in whether or not to get the game.

    but the level editor is the big pro for this game, it pretty much make the game endless.
    you’ll pretty much never run out of levels, some are awful, and unplayable, but there are some fantastic ones, both actual race levels and then there are the “how on earth did they do that?” levels, like the Minecraft and Donkey Kong levels i mentioned.

    and as for the big question.
    its a definite buy from me.

    one last thing, here’s a video of the Minecraft level.


  10. I was pretty disapponted by this game. As grindy as it is Trials Frontier is a far better game which I play all the time, with what I think are better graphics on my phone.

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