DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition’s Contents Explored In Video

If you were wondering what the PlayStation Plus edition of DriveClub would actually look like, then look no further – this video explores the contents of the edition which will launch freely for PS+ subscribers next month, in addition to the usual dose of content.


It seems as though there’s quite a lot in there, with plenty to unlock with stars (which you’ll collect in-game) rather than by purchasing the full thing, at least enough for people like me who want to play a portion of the game before taking the plunge.

Bear in mind, the only location available is India, but you’ll be able to get the platinum trophy by just doing this. It will be interesting to explore the content and compare to the full version when the game releases for PS4 on October 10th.

Source: Pixels to Polygons, via CVG



  1. So how much of what’s shown in the video is in the PS+ version? There’s Canadian & Norwegian events that I saw.

    • I was under the impression it was everything which didn’t have a lock sign next to it. Saying that though, like you’ve pointed out, it looked there was a Norwegian (or was it Canadian) event available.
      Now I am admittedly a bit geographically retarded but I’m pretty sure Norway and Canada aren’t in India. Every time I read an article or see a video on Driveclub I end up getting more confused.

      • After studying the video again I take that comment back. Looks like the lock is about the amount of stars you need to progress.

      • Anything that isn’t an Indian event has got a little blue shopping basket icon on it, to indicate that you need to buy it or upgrade to the full game in order to play it. The stars are a sign of in game progress.

      • Yeah I get more confused the more I hear/read. Makes me worry a bit why they can’t be clearer.

  2. Was that background music the in-game menu music? If so, I like it. It’s pretty chilled, should calm me down after a decent race.

  3. For me, driving games on the PS4 have inofficially been declared dead by Sony, by not allowing support for the steering wheels out in the market.
    I got a Logitech G25, and I’ll definitely not buy another one for the new console, so that was that.

    I doubt this will change anything, but in case you believe in petitions, consider signing this:

  4. Is the PS+ version out on the same day as the retail version?

  5. What I got from the video is that only the tour events without the blue shopping basket icon are available with the PS Plus edition, and there are only 6 of them. That is slightly too few for my liking, however I’ve always been looking at the PS Plus edition as an extended demo with every intention to upgrade, unless I really dislike it.

    • I guess the amount of events in the plus version is the devs or Sony’s guess of the ideal amount to hook the most potential buyers before they get bored with the game, but to hear that the Platinum is gonna be achievable is a huge surprise. It seems like the Sony are forking out enough dollar for the plus deal to keep the devs happy, which is good, and I’m very pleased at the prospect of an almost free extended demo with a potential platinum trophy :)

  6. Judging from the amount of content with shopping baskets next to it i guess we can confirm the PS+ edition to be nothing more than a Demo.

    • Looks like a relatively comprehensive dip of the toes into a game that ultimately needs to recoup its investment costs.

  7. I see the events wall is similar to Motorstorm RC which i do like,it’s just the thought of driving on the India circuit sounds repetitive.I suppose i shouldn’t complain as it’s free plus you can get the platinum trophy.

  8. Can’t wait for this game!

    • Same! The wait is almost over…what a delay!

  9. It looks like there are 45/225 stars to be earn’t for each tier progression from Rookie through to Legend with the Plus version having 18 stars available for win in the Rookie league and 6 stars available in the Semi-Pro league…..but you’ll need to win 32 stars to progress through the Amateur league….so Rookie it is then!

    Anyone interested in progressing the single player Tour will have to buy the the full version of the game otherwise wallow in Rookie career status as a Plusser.

    “Rookie Plusser”….sounds like newly found illness :P

  10. So its Freemium then?
    At some point you are. Gonna need to purchase a ‘ micro transaction’ or commonly known as ‘ in app purchase’
    Bahhhh! I will do my best to try and beat a Bugatti Veyron with my Morris MInor…

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