Bloodborne Gets A New Trailer And A Western Release Date

New gameplay trailers and videos are starting to work their way out of the Tokyo Game Show today, and among them is From Software’s PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne. They haven’t been shy about showing off its progress over the past year, but graphically the game might be looking its best in the trailer above. Between the particles, the lighting and the reflections, it sure seems to be shaping up well. The gameplay footage included in the video also shows what appears to be a bit of co-op play towards the end, as two protagonists seem to be teaming up to slay a few monsters.


We knew a couple of weeks ago when Bloodborne would be launching in Japan, but From just confirmed that it will be releasing in Europe and North America on February 6th. Between that and the Order, February looks to be a good month for PS4 owners.

Source: YouTube



  1. February is the new October, confirmed.

  2. That looks pretty impressive.
    Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not really moaning as like I said it looks impressive but in the later scenes around 1min 20ish, is or me or do the protagonist characters seem to be missing shadows under their feet? Or at least the opacity needs to be lower or shadows darkened.

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