More From TGS: Metal Gear Solid V Trailer And The Metal Gear Collection 2014

Snake and shapeshifting sniper Quiet are the featured artists in the new Tokyo Game Show Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer.

Apparently there is a reason for Quiet’s outfit; many have commented that her clothing is somewhat skimpy.  Kojima has said he created her character as an antithesis to the women characters who have appeared fighting game who are excessively exposed. “Once recognize the secret reason for her exposure, you will feel ashamed of your words and deeds,” he said.

Until then you will just have to look at her boobs. Look at them, and feel ashamed. Especially that upskirt shot 37 seconds in. Boobs. Jiggling boobs. And ass at 2ms 10s. Slinking, shapely ass. Look at it and feel ashamed.

It’s like being Catholic, but in video game form.

Kojima has also been overseeing the latest Metal Gear Collection which is not a pack of HD’d games for PS4 and Xbox One, it is a clothing line specifically made to cover up boobs when you have finally finished starring at them and being horrifically ashamed.


Source: YouTube / Hardcoregamer



  1. Thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation.

    Now I feel ashamed.

  2. I’d lean more towards aroused than ashamed.
    Isn’t the poor girl a mute? Surely that would explain the skimpy costumes, how else is she going to get peoples attention.

  3. CLOTHES?! A joke, surely?!

    • Nope.

      • I was really hoping for a hi-def Metal Gear Solid too…

        Damn Kojima and his crazy ways.

  4. I love this trailer so much ! I keep rewatching it time after time. And not because of the boobs.
    I bought MGS 1 with the PSN Retro Sale and I am having a blast. I can’t believe an old game could make me feel so badass.
    Also, I am immune to Quiet’s boobs because I saw a behind the scenes video about the motion capturing of MGS V Phantom Pain. It was presented the actress who plays Quiet , Stephanie Joosten, and she is gorgeous woman with a beautiful smile. And also, I am amazed at how much emotion that moment carries when Snake puts his hand or her shoulder and she looks at him/
    I know I know…boobs…I love them too…but come on there is more to it :)

    • Immune to boobs.

      The most powerful and least talked about Pokemon skill.

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