Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition Could Be Flying Towards Release In November

The trend of complete editions is set to continue as listings for a Bioshock Infinite Complete Edition have appeared on Amazon Canada, and GameStop, though such a version of the game has yet to be confirmed by publisher 2K Games. The listings suggest the game will re-release with all the DLC for PS3 and Xbox 360, with the date for it to arrive being November 4th. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the release considering the industry’s love of Complete & GOTY copies of games.

Bioshock1 Bioshock2


The DLC would include everything such as the Clash In The Clouds and Burial At Sea add ons, as well as other DLC including addition weapons and bonuses. If the November release date is to be believed then 2K will probably start the advertising campaign soon. That is if this information is correct, and not a case of two retailers both being wrong.

Source: Joystiq



  1. Would really love a remastered version for ps4, more so the first 2 though. The original bio shock is such an amazing game. One of the first games I got for ps3 and remember thinking it was one of the best things I’d ever played. Infinite was a bit of a let down for me but still a good game

    • When I saw the headline, I thought it WAS gonna be a PS4 remaster!

      • Yup me too, thought it looked like a remaster,but Jones is right. A BioShock remaster would be awesome imagine a big daddy in glorious 1080 60 fps….

    • I would like a ps4 version of this as well as I didn’t play it last gen

    • the demand is clearly there !

  2. As all the other comments say, colour me interested if there’s a PS4 version. If not, I’m out.

  3. Then again if it’d been an updated PS4 version we’d all be moaning about there not being any new games for the PS4.:)

  4. Ditto disappointed :(

  5. Aww man, I was hoping for an iOS version… …

  6. Would be interested to know if they’ve patched the Clash of the Clouds DLC, as that was SO fucking glitch. The single-player DLC was great though.

    I’m sure this will sell well enough, although a lot of people have it on PS+ so may decide it’s cheaper just to buy the DLC their digital version.

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