Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Screens And New Information From TGS

Hideo Kojima revealed a load of new information on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain during Tokyo Game Show which has been helpfully collected over on NeoGAF. Here are my top ten points, to view the whole thread, click here.

  1. Snake has lost weight (and now runs about shirtless.)
  2. Snake can call in Quiet and orders her to scout up ahead, she will hum when in position and can provide cover fire.
  3. You can analyse soldiers to see their statistics, like in Peace Walker.
  4. The buddy system (taking Quiet or DD the wolfdog with you) is optional; you can play the game alone.
  5. DD, your canine companion, and your horse can die, and they stay dead.
  6. You will be able to develop weather modification technology.
  7. If you clear Ground Zeroes you’ll get something ‘really cool’ in The Phantom Pain.
  8. You can climb walls with cracks.
  9. During the missions you can bring more than one buddy. There are four seats on the chopper aside the one for Snake.
  10. “The concept behind Quiet was nudity. A naked sniper.” Kojima also reiterated the reason behind the way she looks will surprise us.

Konami have also released a huge number of screens for the game, which you can view in the gallery below.

Source: NeoGAF



  1. I can’t take that wolf dog thing seriously when it’s wearing that eye patch.

  2. “The concept behind Quiet was nudity. A naked sniper.” Kojima also reiterated the reason behind the way she looks will surprise us.

    We’ll probably find out it’s because Snake is a cross dresser and he’s been stealing her clothes off her washing line.
    Then it will cut to a scene of him sat down stroking the wolf dog while wearing a pair of her knickers on his head and none of the Japanese gamers will even bat an eye.

  3. Hurry up!

    I want this game so bad!

  4. I want to see an MGS V PS4 bundle next year. That will make me howl and throw my wallet.
    Basically that is my big plan:finish all MGS games by the time MGS V The Phantom Pain comes out, then by a PS4 bundles with it.

  5. Dunno if you TSA guys posted a link to the gameplay video t’other day, if so I guttingly missed it, and sorry for posting it here…
    I like the sound of sidekick permadeath, and all the rest, can’t wait! Snaaaaaake!

    • Also when you press continue there has to be a gunshot sound :P

      • I love that you’re loving MGS1, there’s definitely something magical about it :) When you get to the bit where Meryl’s frequency is mentioned check the in-game manual, hopefully that saves you some frustration.

  6. You could make snake topless in peacewalker……

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