WeView Verdict: Trials Fusion

Similarly to Fez last week, Trials Fusion caused a slight split in opinion. Where as some of you felt the difficulty spike was too steep in the later levels, others were a fan of the challenge, and there was also praise for the level editor.

Trials Fusion was “loads of fun” for Hazelam, and although “the hard levels get infuriatingly bloody hard… it doesn’t stop being fun”. They were impressed with the “very versatile level editor”, saying it makes the game “endless” and that “some of the levels are pretty damn amazing”. One user has even managed to create “a small version of Minecraft in the game” in which “you can place and remove blocks”.

Kennykazey voiced a similar opinion to Hazelam regarding the “insane track-creator”. As “a great bonus to the already good game”, they also mentioned some of the levels users “with too much time on their hands” have made, including the previously mentioned Minecraft clone, a Donkey Kong one, and even a first-person shooter.

It seems online multiplayer was lacking in Trials Fusion judging from the comments, but competitive leaderboards between friends were featured. Dom said “it was a fantastic game to play at first when there was lots of regular competition”, but after it being out for quite some time now he doesn’t “see the same enjoyment of beating a lap time if that person isn’t playing anymore”.

Psychobudgie also noticed that the game was “oddly lacking a lot of social features that would have extended its appeal greatly”. KittDJW had also “hoped you could play against your friends”, saying the game was “a step backwards”.

Starman “felt the difficulty was ramped up too much after the first few stages”, later going on to say “there’s only so many times you can retry a level before it goes from fun to frustrating”. I share this opinion too; after playing a few levels of the game this week I found myself clocking two-hundred attempts on a single stage. As you can imagine I wasn’t finding it enjoyable at all. Lambchop was another who was left “pretty disappointed” by Trials Fusion, and even recommended Trials Frontier as “a far better game”.

Now it’s down to the votes. Coming out top this week was Sale It with four votes. Buy It and Plus It each received two votes, with Avoid It picking up a single vote. So it seems that Trials Fusion is worth a go, but only at the right price. The difficulty can be very frustrating during the later levels, but the level editor could provide endless levels to ride.

Tomorrow we have Child Of Light for Weview. It’s place in the poll has been filled with Murdered: Soul Suspect.