Ex Wipeout Devs Bring Formula Fusion To PC, PS4 And Xbox One

For reasons known only to Sony, Wipeout developers Studio Liverpool were closed before the PlayStation 4 launch and any hope of a Wipeout game for the new console vanished.

Sony’s loss is Microsoft’s gain as some of the developers from the defunct studio reformed as R8Games and they have released some rough footage of their new PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 racing game.


It features hovering vehicles which zip around on neon infused tracks whilst pumping dance music written by “cool urban artists” pound out of the speakers. Why does that sound familiar?


“We have a few interesting spins on the core concept and we are pulling it back a little in terms of the Sci-fi ness of the art. To try and make it more RAW and Craft based – similar to the tech/teams in F1 – rather than loosing it’s charm by dressing it up with generic far future style,” explained R8Games.

You may note the trailer calls the game Slamjet Racing, that was changed to rather more dull but more descriptive Formula Fusion as of yesterday.

Source: Facebook / Wipeout Zone



  1. Looks good! Not a huge racer fan, but always enjoyed a bit of Wipeout, been a while since the last one.

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  2. Maybe it’s just me but I thought that was the dullest, most amateur and least enticing game trailer I’ve seen in years. I honestly wouldn’t buy that game, or even download a demo, and I’m utterly shocked that the ex Studio Liverpool guys have put that up for public consumption. The physics look bad, the gameplay looks decidedly directionless, emphasising the little spoiler fins popping up twice seems weak and the mention of alien technology is a bit cringeworthy. Is it just me?

    • I concur. I was & still am looking forward to a new Wipeout if it happens. I think on these consoles with the lighting effects & steam etc it could look immense… But this, although it maybe early footage, looks pretty rubbish to me. Even the fact the vehicles don’t lean when cornering puts me off.
      God I’m a moody [email protected] on here lately when it’s comes to new games :)

    • Couldn’t agree more, it looks VERY wooden to me.
      However it could be an early prototype video, lets hope so.

    • Same here, very underwhelming for the people who brought us Wipeout but they have a good pedigree so they must have a clear vision of where they are going with the game. I just wish they’d waited until they were closer to that vision before showing us anything.

    • We do state this is rough footage an nowhere near the finished game, criticizing a pre-alpha for being a bit wonky is a tad unfair.

      • You do say that but the video then makes no reference to it being alpha footage and actually seems more like a proper trailer for the final game. They should have scrapped that footage if it wasn’t representative and stuck with a few screenshots to get us salivating instead imo.

      • You do say rough footage, but to be fair TC you didn’t mention nowhere near finished and like TSBonyman says the trailer doesn’t say pre-alpha. I’m sticking with my criticism, now I’ve got some context from you and Mr Fisty below I understand better where the game is right now, but without that extra info I really do think the trailer gives a very poor impression. You mention a change in name from yesterday, I didn’t see yesterday’s news on the game so if there was more context given before then I admit I’m being a nob.

  3. It’s Wipeout in all but name!

  4. I have no problems with this- as long as it matches Wipeout’s intensity.

  5. some rough footage

    that’s all I have in response to the above comments

  6. Guys – this is Pre-Production footage! We don’t have the cash right now to blow lots on the teaser, It was created to engage with Wipeout fans as a means to prompt feedback on the community sites. We have listened to the fans disappointment over the lack of any plans to do anything for next gen and we have decided to make something we believe will breathe new life into the genre, and give us freedom to exploit platforms that were previously not considered because of exclusivity.

    It’s perhaps a little early to show things, based on your comments, but we will continue to be open during the development process – even if you don’t get the direction in the pre-viz footage right now – we will work hard so you do.

    We look forward to providing an open window on a development that we are sure will bring joy to many :)

    R8 Team

    • Hey, been a fan since the first Wipeout and I’m excited for this – pay no mind to the haters who don’t know a work-in-progress when they see one.

      It’s too bad you didn’t get the Wipeout IP from Sony, but this looks to be the spiritual successor regardless of who else Sony has make any future WO games.

    • Looks good to me, good luck, hope it all goes well!

    • Sorry dude, I’m feeling quite guilty for being so harsh now! Of course you’d expect me to say that, backtrack, then heap praise on you, so I won’t be such a brown nose. I think you’re right to say it’s too early to release a trailer like that, in my opinion it’s way below your standard, I thought it might be a fan made fake if I’m honest. I can imagine you’re aiming to breathe new life into what you’re already good at and I’ll remain optimistic that your game will be a true reflection of your teams ability. I thought F1 CE was brilliant and I’ve enjoyed the Wipeout brand thoroughly. Good luck with this project!

    • I wish i’d read this earlier too :)
      Thanks for ‘making contact’ and i’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more as you get closer to completion.

  7. Love wipeout to bits. Best news I’ve heard all day. Hope there’s still Zico to beat!

  8. More ex wipeout devs?
    Don’t forget firesprite who may be the ones doing an actual wipeout game.

    That said, I’ll be all over this and I’ll try to keep track of it! Good luck.

    • Yep., and Firesprite still seem to be carrying a bit of the Designers Republic look and that is one of the things that make Wipeout in my opinion.
      This certainly lacks that kind of feel but that’s not necessarily a bad thing for the game I guess.

  9. Wipeout passed me by due to an inborn inability to avoid bonking every wall at every single turn. This game sounds like an interesting twist that might tempt me to indulge, mainly due to the hint at F1 on skates :o

    • Bonking every wall made me think ‘gloryhole the game’!

      • Please tell me that is an actual game! Sounds great. ;)

  10. Certain critique has nothing to do with ” hating ” something, sometimes the critique helps with improving game ideas for dev teams. I know most people might look at some of the comments as ” being a hater “, but it’s not always the case. If we don’t give the input then dev teams won’t know what the public really wants. Crucial points from a public perspective, is valuable to games devs, and are fundamental for a games longevity.
    I’m a long time wipeout fan, and i know in the end the games devs will get it right, i mean, they made wipeout a huge success right?
    Use the force ! lol
    No formula 1 cars on skates, were harmed during the making of this video =]

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