Ex Wipeout Devs Bring Formula Fusion To PC, PS4 And Xbox One

For reasons known only to Sony, Wipeout developers Studio Liverpool were closed before the PlayStation 4 launch and any hope of a Wipeout game for the new console vanished.

Sony’s loss is Microsoft’s gain as some of the developers from the defunct studio reformed as R8Games and they have released some rough footage of their new PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 racing game.


It features hovering vehicles which zip around on neon infused tracks whilst pumping dance music written by “cool urban artists” pound out of the speakers. Why does that sound familiar?


“We have a few interesting spins on the core concept and we are pulling it back a little in terms of the Sci-fi ness of the art. To try and make it more RAW and Craft based – similar to the tech/teams in F1 – rather than loosing it’s charm by dressing it up with generic far future style,” explained R8Games.

You may note the trailer calls the game Slamjet Racing, that was changed to rather more dull but more descriptive Formula Fusion as of yesterday.

Source: Facebook / Wipeout Zone



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