Nintendo Reveals Transparent 2DS Systems, Launching In November

Nintendo has released information about two new 2DS hardware versions, with the inspiration coming from the launch of Pokemon Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. These two new colours of the 2DS feature transparent cases so you can see the insides of the console. They’ll be available in a bundle that includes the mentioned Pokemon games, which will be installed on a 4GB memory card. However, you’ll also be able to purchase the new hardware from November 7th.


Nintendo also released details about getting a special demo for the two Pokemon titles, which will be available from October 15th. It looks like you’ll have to get them from retailers such as GAME, Amazon, Smyth, Shopto, or Nintendo’s own store. This demo will feature a Pokemon that can mega evolve and if caught will be transferable to the main game, as well as any items that you get.

Source: PR/Twitter


  1. Good god, they look horrendous!

    • The red one looks like Nintendo have put their own robotic-like Hellraiser spin on it.
      As for the blue one, in a similar fashion it looks like someone has sucked the blood dry from a robotic surf!

    • I was gonna say the exact opposite, they looks gorgeously 90s retro!

      • Actually, come to mention the Retro thing – The red one reminds me of some red plastic transparent space gun toy which I had back in the 80s as a kid what used to fire real Sparks! lol
        Christ, Health and Safety would shite out a cow if someone bought one of those out nowadays.
        I’m sure it also made a horrendous noise too as there was some kind of metal spinning device creating sparks inside.

      • I had one of those guns Dave, but it was green! It had a flint and a stone wheel which you spun with the trigger. Ah, gone are the times when you could set fire to carpet with kids toys, shame.

      • Yep, thats the one! I remember how it worked now. I used to chase the cat with it.

      • Hah! I’d report you to the RSPCA but I’m pretty sure I chased my sister with mine… let’s keep this between ourselves.

    • Horrendously beautiful!

      I’d love one, but I prefer the clamshell design and won’t upgrade my 3DS until the new models are out.

  2. I remember those double-o-dave the more you pulled the trigger the faster it span inside and the noise it made whilst it span round.There was an older guy who lived near us as kids and managed to attach wires to it so when he pulled the trigger he’d shock you with the wires,he was always doing mad shit.

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