Triad Wars Is Basically Sleeping Dogs Online, Launches Early 2015

United Front Games has finally revealed its latest project dubbed “Triad Wars”. Set in modern-day Hong Kong, it’s essentially a follow-up to 2012 surprise hit, Sleeping Dogs, and is currently slated for release on PC in early 2015.


Much like the original game, Triad Wars’ presents an open-world adventure, albeit with a renewed focus on online connectivity. Instead of playing as undercover cop, Wei Shen, this spiritual successor puts you in the boots of a criminal enforcer.

Starting out as a lowly street thug, your actions will soon allow you to start building a criminal empire. You’ll be able to participate in a range of underground activities to expand your turf and overthrow rival gangs. On top of that, Triad Wars retains Sleeping Dogs’ three-way focus on driving, shooting, and of course, melee combat. UFG has yet to fully outline what online features will be available at launch though we’re hoping for progressive multiplayer gang wars.

If you’re keen to get in on the action, UFG has already opened closed beta sign-ups.



  1. No singleplayer console title, no sale. Nobody asked for this!

  2. Yeah…i voted Labour and i never saw this in their manifesto.

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