FIFA 15 Demo Sets New EA Sports Record

FIFA 15 will be hitting store shelves later this week and it seems a lot of fans are gearing up for its release by playing the demo. 5.5 million of them to be exact, which EA announced is more than any other EA Sports demo to date across all available platforms. When you think about the fact that almost every yearly EA Sports title comes with a demo for each installment, some of which (like Madden) are anticipated almost as much as the full release, that number becomes a little more impressive.

If you haven’t checked out Peter’s very positive review yet, you can find it here. While you’re at it, check out this nifty new TV spot they’re using to promote the game.


I’m not much for football but that video makes me wish I were a fan. Head to the comments and let us know what you think of the demo if you’ve had a chance to give it a go.

Source: GameSpot, YouTube



  1. Doesn’t mean 5.5million positive reactions. From what I read in reviews the demo is pretty much the final game.
    If it don’t get patched at launch, that’s a pretty loss poor effort from EA.
    I didn’t see any real improvements and to be fair it was quite buggy.

  2. poxy ccorrective text. **PISS** not loss.

    • Use spaces like you sometimes have to with PSN messaging or use with a combination of morse code P..-I–.S–..S…..oughta confuse the saved dictionary and buy some time :P

  3. That TV spot was good, I’m not getting fifa 15 but that made me almost want to for a short time!

  4. I must applaud EA for the mixed demographics of players in the above linked video. They’ve ticked all the boxes!

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