New Sleeping Dogs DE Trailer Actually Shows Some Gameplay

When officially unveiled earlier this year, we didn’t know what to think of Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. Though still a firm favourite among the TSA crowd, Square’s debut trailer for the new-gen port did little to get us excited, using live action instead of actual gameplay.

Things are different in the game’s latest reveal, showcasing Sleeping Dogs’ fun three-way of shooting, driving, and hand-to-hand combat. Everything certainly looks better in Definitive Edition, though the difference isn’t quite day and night.

You can grab a copy next month, exclusively on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.



  1. I wonder if the driving is still turd and with the flat out after 10 seconds single note engine sounds that got on my tits in the PS3 version,but ill still probably grt it maybe actually get furgher than i did before put me on till GTAV.

    • get not grt.

    • Have you no soul? The driving was excellent! It did a good job of feeling unique and enabling for stunts and shootouts.

  2. I’ve ordered this (despite having the PS3 version free with PS+). A lot of TSAers seemed to like it, and I’m all for playing new IPs these days. And it’s nice that it’ll be slightly better visually, and comes with all the DLC. Was £35 with an art book and Limited Edition case too.

    • Where did you order from man?

      Whilst I did play through the standard edition on PS3, the fact that this comes with all DLC is nice & would welcome the chance to play through it again anyway. GTA type game with Arkham-esque combat? Yeah, i’ll play that again.

      Not everyone was enamoured with it, but I thought it was awesome.

      • ShopTo mate, it’s the Definitive “Limited” Editions that comes with the extra book & case:

        Might cost you £37.85, I just have Gold membership (not sure how?!) so I get the best reductions.

      • Ah, ta.

        If you have made a sizable purchase through them (say a console or similar), it pretty much grants you Gold membership automatically. Usually, you would have to buy a game or two from them a month to get it otherwise.

        I was silver up until recently, but I was recently informed that I had been downgraded to bronze (due to not buying anything & everything from them for a while). :(

      • Oh right, cheers. Might be cos of my PS4 purchase then. Unless GAME have an Exclusive, I tend to buy from ShopTo now as the Gold discount tends to be better than the GAME Loyalty Points.

  3. I have just started playing this on PC. I have to say the trailer for the definitive edition looks awful after playing the PC version, probably down to the you tube compression so ill reserve judgement. Great game though, one of the few i got a platinum for on PS3.

    • Definitive edition is also on Pc, for about £10. Not sure if there is any technical improvements though.

  4. I enjoyed the PS3 version. But even if this was a tenner, I’d still probably leave it.

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