PlayStation Loses Its Home In Early 2015

PlayStation Home, which I’m pretty sure never came out of Beta, will close it’s European doors in March 2015.

Due to a shifting landscape, PlayStation Home will cease publishing new content on the 12th of November, 2014. Gamers in Europe will be able to download content until the 3rd of December, 2014. As a token of our tremendous gratitude to the community, we will also be releasing a series of free content prior to the platforms closure on the 31st of March, 2015.

Home did sound like a good idea at the start, a PlayStation branded version of Second Life. However, the lack of content at the start in December 2008 put many off, although these days there is enough things to do to keep you amused for days on end.

The service has probably suffered due to games now coming with mobile apps, rather than home integration, which was the original plan. Looks like we’re never going to see that virtual trophy case everyone wanted, sad times.

Source: EU Blog


  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Said three people in Japan.

    • Just realised this is only for Europe. Does the rest of the world get to keep it?

      • Asia lost Home a while back. It’s only the US that, so far, gets to keep it.

  2. Who needs it now we’ve got Destiny’s Tower to dance or stand around doing nothing in???

    • Where’s the like button around here? :D

  3. I had some fun for the first year but then grew bored with it. think in that year i spent around 20 quid on various bits n bobs but i remember a forum thread at the time where people were discussing having spent up to hundreds of pounds on Home content. I wonder how much they spent on it since then and how they feel about losing all of it forever.
    I might go on for the last day, should be something of an event.

  4. Makes sense. Just not viable to maintain.

  5. I know a lot of people that still use this. Regularly see them in there on according to their status.

    The problem is, Microsoft used their media muscle to send the story that nobody uses it. Hardcore gamers of course were keen to lap this story up. And so the fashion of PSHome hatred began.

    • If Shuhei Yoshida took a dump on your mothers face you’d find a way to make it Microsoft’s fault. Home sucks. I’m surprised it lasted this long to be honest.

      • That was funny. :)

      • Ironically its the same people that hate ps home, also hate having singstar icon on their xmb. As if thier secret might be revealed before they were ready to come out.

      • ^ he’s here all week folks.


      • That’s the funniest comment I’ve seen on here all week JR! If that doesn’t make it into the community roundup I don’t know what will.

        Ps I hate the singstar icon and thought home was a bit naff.

      • Perhaps something that isn’t banal bickering, witty comeback or not?

      • @Stef when Blighty blames Microsoft for a decision 100% by Sony he opens himself up for ridicule. Stirring debate is one thing but frankly ridiculous conspiracy theories are another.

    • @Blighty If Home was making money Sony would keep it going regardless of what any media stories said.

  6. I know in the very early days Sony had said they were making money from Home, but after that, i never seemed to hear much on it.

    As a ‘brave, but ult.flawed’ experiment i’ll give Sony a degree of credit for trying something like it, but….

    I just cannot help thinking the money invested would have been far, far better spent on infastructure for PSN (better servers, better security and fixing up the still spluttering mess that is the PSN store).

    Home was like putting down fresh, expensive carpet whilst the roof was leaking and the window would’nt shut properly…..or is that too deep a comparison?


    • Reading this the music video with Outkast came to mind,with the leaky roof. Can’t remember the name of the song…

      • Sorry Ms Jackson i am for real never meant to make your daughter cry i apologise a trillon times… it Ms Jackson ;)

  7. So my half naked harry Potter demon on a skateboard is about to be evicted from my beach front space station?
    Damn you Sony…..

  8. I’m surprised people still use it.

    My greatest memory from it was meeting Kelly and Richard from Stereophonics. I came in the top 10 in EU on a SingStar competition. I didn’t have a headset at the time though and thought Ps Eye would do. There was a fountain in the meeting room so never heard very much of it. Oh those were the days.

  9. I’ve already deleted it to save space, but I almost want to return to it now on the last day to see the regulars cry their hearts out. Almost.

    Maybe people will try to move over to US servers? There’s supposed to be more content there.

  10. Didn’t they add trophies not too long ago? It must have been the last attempt at making it viable.

    With only a 40gb hdd I downloaded it only to delete it for the space several times. Always seemed too bland.

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