Driveclub Gets A Live Action TV Spot, Plus Final Build Footage

Just two quick videos before I head off to meet the great, the good and Mike Bithell at the EGX aftershow party. The first is a rather cheeky live action TV spot which made me chuckle.

Paul Rustchynsky, game Director on Driveclub, has also linked new gameplay video with footage from the final build of the game. It does have an Italian Spanish foreign voice over but you can turn the sound down and admire the sexy visuals.

I was joking about Bithell by the way, although you don’t seem to be able to turn a corner in the gaming world without his cheerful face popping up.

Tata, enjoy your weekend!

Source: YouTube 1/2



  1. Pretty sure that’s a Spanish voice-over :)

    But looks good.

  2. It looks good but I’m not sure if I got enough time in my life for it. I’m also going to get a lot of driving love done on Forza Horizon 2. When are review embargoes lifted for this?

  3. It seems like we’ve been waiting years for this, but the wait is nearly over.

  4. Fire up the Playstation Quatro!

    Looks great but I wish they would have jettisoned some of the bells and whistles (in-car views are my pet hate – seriously, what is the point?) to get 60fps. Framerate is really important in racing games – get ready for doing a lot of blinking on the straights.

    • Love in car view personally, that said with tech available couldn’t we have had both? – 10 quid says Polyphony Digital manage it. Though possibly only after about 7 years in development I’ll grant you ;-)

      • Don’t fancy the odds or return on your 10 quid bet lol.
        I have to agree with you and although all of the upcoming racers should be good fun and entertaining, my personal view is that the PS4 will not have a definitive topdrawer racer until PD open their doors for business.
        I’m sceptical of your anticipated release schedule though….I’d hazzard a guess at mid to late 2015. :P

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