Unearthed: Trail Of Ibn Battuta Episode One Is Coming To PS4 & Vita

You may or may not remember Semaphore’s Unearthed game that released last year. If you want to remind yourselves what it is then take a look at its original trailer above. It looked to be a Middle Eastern take on the Uncharted series, but it failed to impress Blair at all and he gave it a 1/10 in his review making the game one of the lowest scored titles on the site. In fact the game didn’t receive much praise across the board , currently standing with a score of just 11 on Metacritic. However none of that has stopped Semaphore from making a rather large announcement on Twitter.


Yes, Unearthed: Traile Of Ibn Battuta Episode One is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Vita. The devs did release a patch upgrading the game to a Gold edition, which addressed some of the technical complaints. It’s likely that build will be used as the base on which Semaphore will create the new ports of the title. There’s no release date announced as of yet, but we’ll definitely keep you updated.

Source: Twitter



  1. LOL, at 0:22 the car in the cutscene goes straight on in the trailer, despite it being a 90 degree left-hander!

    • Anyway, I think I played the demo for about 1 minute (tops) before deleting it.

    • Haha! It does indeed. Perhaps it was a ramraid?

      In other news, that trailer looks PS2 worthy at best. How this was ever a PS3 title (& now a PS4 title???) is beyond me.

      I’m sure they have some talented developers, but I have to be honest & say it looks shoddy at best.

    • Ha! You beat me to the punch! Was just about to comment on that.

  2. It’s like dragging your lame dog along behind you and people telling you that you’ve worn his legs away. Just put it down already!

  3. I managed the first few scenes of the demo (or was it free on plus?) but the hilariously poor visuals, animation, combat, signposting and finally glitches brought an end to my unintended amusement.
    A complete rebuild of the game might give it a second chance but not if they are simply porting what they already have.


  5. See, I watched a playthrough of the whole game the other night (its only like an hour), it seemed fine. Not great, acting isn’t very good, but the game as a whole is fine. Don’t see why it is slated so much.

    • The controls are AWFUL. It’s like trying to steer some cotton wool through treacle. In a storm. At sea. Upside down.

  6. I play the demo, I can not overstate just how crap this game is…..

  7. It’s a real shame that people will buy this just because its a new PS4 game….

  8. oh joy, now i can get Unearthed on my PS4.
    said no one, ever.

  9. THIS LOOKS AMAZING…for an early PS2 game

  10. I’m tempted to say that it’s a shame to take the piss out of an amateur but accomplished effort striving to bring a different culture some of its own non-western flavour in video game form, and that its honourable that such a project is expanding its horizons to new consoles, but that would be bollocks. What a load of wank, I’d rather be forced to platinum a Transformers movie tie-in than even click download on the Unearthed demo.

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