Xbox One Outsold PS4 Last Week In UK

Some good news for Microsoft as it has been confirmed that the Xbox One outsold the PS4 last week, at least in the UK. According to an MCV source sales for the Xbox One rose 155%, though actual figures hadn’t been confirmed. Meanwhile the PS4 achieved an 80% sales spike, though again actual figures were not confirmed. The rise in sales could have been down to the price cuts and deals for both consoles, as well as the arrival of FIFA 15 which was the best selling game last week in the UK.

According to other figures FIFA 15 sold best on PS4 with 32% of physical sales, while the Xbox One following with 22%. The Xbox 360 version of the game managed to outsell the One’s sales, achieving 30% of sales. The PS3 sold the least with 15%. Overall though it is good to see both new gen consoles doing well, as this just allows for more developers to create games for either machine, which in turn means more of a variety for the gaming audience.

Source: MCV



  1. £329 with physical copy of Fifa has certainly helped shift some stock then.

    • Wheyyyy! What I dont understand is that it was the same price for the XB1+Kinect+Titanfall a few months back and it didn’t outsell the PS4 (when you were arguably getting more for your money). I know most people didn’t want Kinect but I’d rather have Kinect and not use it than pay the same price and not get it at all. You could have even sold your kinect if you didn’t want it and bought another game. Are people really so easily swayed by a price cut?

    • It seems likely that the price reduction did indeed assist sales, but it doesn’t appear to be due to Fifa (at least not entirely) from the percentages above. Especially as it sold more on Xbox 360 than it did the Xbox One.

      However, if all 22% came from Fifa packaged with Xbox One, you may very well be correct.

  2. Top news for Microsoft. Hopefully they can sustain the decent sales and push Sony like hell. :-)

    • This is very true – If they can keep their sales up, Sony may well pull their finger out & finally add some requested features/fixes that have been wanted/needed for a while now.

      • Agreed. Whilst I have a lot of love for Sony (and the PlayStation), I don’t like how they have to almost be bludgeoned into listening to consumers over features that feel like an absolute given.

  3. This is not actually news and is just an unconfirmed rumour!

    • I was just about to reply about it coming straight from MCV but after reading the original article on their site, it’s a bit weird that “an anonymous retail source” is mentioned. :-\ Is that regularly the case? I’m used to the likes of “Amazon confirmed that…” or Target, Gamestop, etc., when it’s American news.

      • It does arouse suspicions.
        Maybe they thought they’d change it to an anonymous retailer when they heard the figures came from Woolworths or Comet.

      • The last time Microsoft pulled this stunt (about 4 years ago), it was a small independent chain store in Kent called Xpress.

        I would bet money its the same stunt being played again. It was also MCV last time too.

      • I really wish Sony would take advantage of this dumb stunt by Microsoft, and get some official figures out here from mediatrak that show this as being total BS.

        Wouldn’t it be hilarious to find out that it turned to to be a single independent retailer and the regular pattern of 4:1 PS4 sales still stands, leaving Microsoft with much egg on face (again).

        Come on Sony, expose this charade.

  4. Great news, hope the sales remain similar now and everyone’s a winner. By the fifa sales it looks like more 360 owners are yet to upgrade whereas ps3 owners have already upgraded.

    • It’s hard to tell for sure with bundle/digital sales not counting.
      And the small matter of their being more 360s than ps3s sold in the UK in the first place.

      • I thought the ps3 overtook the 360 in the UK but I’m maybe mixing it up with other stories. Either way they must be close.

        Re bundles I think they were included and digital would presumably be similar to retail figures.

  5. Good. Hopefully they can keep this up and give Sony a much needed rocket up the arse. It feels like Sony haven’t really bothered since the PS4 launched and mine has become a bit of a dust collector recently.

  6. Were doing weekly sales now? Makes no sense

  7. When Microsoft bungs brown envelopes to do weekly uk figures they do.

    Will we hear next week when normal service is resumed and ps4 outsells it by more than this weeks difference? Nope, of course not…

    Microsofts money talking… M

    • I’m not even sure how you get through the day with this level of paranoia. :D

      • I saw some of his posts on another site a while back and believe it or not he actually holds back on here!

      • *as a question* … thank you?! :-P

  8. Looks like things are finally picking up for XB1 and there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks and months for both consoles.

  9. Absolutely going to be people buying it to play Fifa 15, who then won’t be buying another game until Fifa 16

  10. “Figures lie and liars figure”

    There is also a story out that says that FIFA 15 sold 100,000 more copies on PS4 than Xbone in the UK. The story mentioned above also refers to Xbone as being “slightly ahead”.

    It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

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