October’s PlayStation Plus Update Includes Driveclub, Batman: Arkham Asylum, and Spelunky

Sony has announced what will be coming to PlayStation Plus next week for October, and there’s quite the variety. The big one for PS4 owners will be Driveclub PlayStation Plus edition, which will allow players to experience 11 tracks based in India, and ten cars to drive around those circuits. All the gameplay features, such as the challenges and multiplayer, will be included. Then you have Dust: An Elysian Tail making its PlayStation debut on PS4. I actually reviewed this when it released on Xbox 360 a couple of years back, giving it a 9/10. It’s a very good looking game.


Rounding off the PlayStation 4 selection is Spelunky, and the bonus is that the game is cross buy so you’ll get the Vita and PS3 versions too. Speaking of those consoles Batman: Arkham Asylum heads the PS3 selection of games, and if you haven’t played an Arkham game then you’re in for a treat. The other PS3 offering is Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles Of Mystara. Vita owners will be getting new title Pix The Cat, which is also cross buy with PS4. The other Vita title is Rainbow Moon, which is another one I reviewed and I gave that 7/10. It’s not a bad RPG though the story did drag a bit.

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  1. Dust: An Elysian Tail looks interesting, will have to give that a go. And Driveclub, hope it’s been worth the wait.

  2. we got Arkham City a while back, now we get Asylum?
    the games are getting older. O_O

    Dust looks cool though.
    never played the 360 version, but after reading your review, i think it sounds like something i might like.

    the D&D game is pretty cool.

    and Rainbow Moon is a good little RPG, which is why i bought it ages ago.

    and there’s Drive Club, i’ll be giving that a try, though i expect it’s more of a simulation than an arcadey racer, which i prefer.
    i wish they’d make a Motorstorm for PS4.

  3. Will there be anything special for the DriveClub edition so you can redeem it whenever, or will it only be for October? I might need to end up buying a short sub so I can get it or using a trial as I don’t think I’ll be getting my PS4 until November when Unity or GTA comes out.

    • It’ll likely just be there for one month as that is the usual thing that happens to the IGC games now. If you want to be sure though, keep an eye out for next month’s content update, and that’ll say what is leaving the service and when.

    • it might stay longer as it’s a special case and not considered part of the monthly rotation.

      if you don’t subscribe now, getting a short term sub will work like you say.

    • Cool, thanks guys

  4. Not the worst selection ever. Except for the bit where I’ve already got half the games.

    Spelunky is gloriously evil. Rainbow Moon is very good (no crappy “action RPG” nonsense for a change), if a bit grindy when you’re going for all the trophies (one is 100 hours of play).

    And everyone knows how good that Batman game is. Which makes it a bit pointless, really, what with it being a bit ancient.

    Dust looks interesting, and that cat thing looks cute. I suspect that Dungeons and Dragons game will amuse me for about 5 minutes before something else distracts me.

    And DriveClub might make up for the disappointment of a certain other driving game coming soon.

  5. Decent offering this month, i will of course be salivating over Drive Club but also Dust sounds quite good too. I might give a few of the others a quick look too, although the Vita stuff will have to join the queue.. download queue that is :)

  6. Fine update for PS4 & Vita. Pretty weak for PS3 again, which has been bad for months now.

    • I think they’re trying to tell us something.:)

  7. I considered buying Rainbow Moon when it came out but then kind of forgot about it. Might as well pick it up now.

  8. Arkham Asylum… what is this 2009? Really looking forward to Driveclub though.

  9. Well…I am that guy, the guy who didn’t play the Arkham games. I have been wanting to buy an Arkham Asylum GOTY for a while now.
    Could anyone tell me what happens with my save from a game on PS+ (ex. Arkham Asylum or Borderlands 2) if later I decide to buy a disc of the game ? Can I continue where I left off ?

    • Not sure, but i know it worked the other way, when i got Assassins Creed 3 on PS Plus, i could carry on my save from when I had the game on disc.

      Also when i bought RDR Nightmare, it recognised my profile from my RDR original, which was from PS+, so potentially, yes!

      • Thanks, it really is important for me because I want to have both Arkham Asylum and Borderlands 2 on a disc. I like retail over digital.
        I know some people had difficulties the other way around, going from disc to digital.

    • It depends on the game.

      Some games will recognise the save file whether on disc or download, others like Burnout Paradise will not. I think it’s something to do with the BLES code (found on the side of the box, or on the PS Store’s description), where if it matches, you’re fine. That’s the case for DLC anyway.

  10. A good update in my book. I might actually get started on the Arkum games now…

    • I thought I was the only person on the planet to not play them :)

      • same here, only played City after Plus. Looking forward to Asylum

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