PSN Down Worldwide With NW-31201-7 Server Error [UPDATED]

This is becoming an all too common occurrence. PSN is completely down again, with the “cannot connect to the server” NW-31201-7 error showing up for many users.

There’s no scheduled maintenance yet again, and no signs of what’s causing it yet. Perhaps someone tripped over the delicate piece of string at Sony HQ which holds it together, or it might be the work of a hacker group yet again. We’ll try to find out and keep you updated.


Of course, the PSN status page says that it’s online currently, but that’s usually a bit behind everyone else, so keep your eyes on here, and let us know if it comes back up, of course.

UPDATE: We’ve been able to sign in, and PSN appears to be coming back online.



  1. What was annoying when it happened on PS3 is now unacceptable on PS4 given PSN is now a premium service. Sort it out Sony, its getting ridiculous.

    • You have to understand the press dont go out of their way to report on xbox live outages like they do with sony.

      If you look st the MTBF nunbers. PSN is actually more reliable than xbox live. Sadly the disproportionate reporting can convince the gullible otherwise.

      • HA HA HA HA! Sure it is!

      • As someone who owned an Xbox 360 and PS3 last gen and a Xbox One and PS4 this gen: sorry, you’re wrong :P The PSN is terrible by comparison and in need of a major overhaul now they are charging £40 a year for it.

      • Go check out server uptime stats from external monitors.

        Xbox live is slightly worse. Both are in the 99%+ uptime

  2. For a service I’m paying for I expect brilliant service. Sony is seriously taking the piss now with PSN, you would think they learnt their lesson with the hack that happened ages ago. I won’t be renewing my plus if this mediocre services keep running like this.

    • *coughs*
      “x box live no problems”

  3. I blame all the Vita owners for trying to download 3.30 at the same time.

    • The servers have become sentient and are having a big sulk at being made to hand out such pointless updates as support for themes (also known as “clogging up the list of new things on the store with pointless crap”).

    • lol I am a Vita owner and did not download xD guess I am off the hook :P

      • Mine downloaded before it all went tits up.

        Yours is probably asking the servers “Can I login please?” and the servers will be replying “No, you can’t until you upgrade, you naughty Vita”.

        To which your Vita will be replying “I can has update then, please?”

        And the PSN will be saying “No! It’s pointless and I don’t want to give it to you!”

        This has probably happened already and your Vita is now doing the electronic equivalent of shouting “Well either let me on without the f***ing update or c***ing well give it to me now, you q***g****ing piece of s***!”

      • Haha MrYd.

        My eldest child’s Vita is updating at this moment. So PSN isn’t totally down.

      • Well it’s all down for me, so I guess your eldest child has to be the most likely culprit. Or possibly they’re getting it to work via some sort of witchcraftery.

        It’s a word! Give me 10 minutes and look it up on Wikipedia.

      • lol, brilliant!

      • Haha. It is weird because their at school. Very spooky. Or is it I’m the witchcrafter. Another made up word.

  4. Yes I noticed this earlier on Ps3 and Ps4 but Vita seems OK. I only noticed as Now TV was hanging on Ps4 and wouldn’t let me load on Ps3 due to sign errors. Stupid PSN login needed BS. Luckily though my Xbone works. The only part of this week I had to catch up on Boardwalk empire.

  5. Fair enough if its hackers as thats not sonys fault, if however its technical issues/unscheduled maintenance its simply not good enough

    Now that we’re having to pay for psn, and with reports the cost if ps plus going up in some reasons this ia not acceptable. At a time when ps4 is doing so well sales wise they really need to pull their socks up. They have got to start matching xbox live asap

  6. Oh it’s that time of the week already.

    • Lol. I think it’s actually a bit late, usually it’s on Store update day! ;)

  7. I think the servers have stopped sulking now. They’ve decided “Yes, you can have your stupid theme-based Vita updates, and you can login again now. But we want a pony!”

  8. I don’t think PSN is down. Maybe there is a malfunction somewhere. But it is up and running. Here is how to fix your situation if you have Error Code NW-31201-7:

    • It _was_ down. But it’s better now.

      That youtube video is just suggesting you change the DNS settings to point to Google’s servers, which might fix that error in some situations. If your ISP has crap DNS servers. (I’d personally recommend using OpenDNS’s servers instead – and, although you’d obviously want to go to and check those are the real numbers yourself and not just type random numbers someone on the internet has recommended)

      But in this case, the whole thing was definitely down, and so fiddling with DNS settings won’t have helped at all. Although it might have looked like it helped if the problem was only intermittent. (Which it quite possibly was, just a bit more on the “not working” side of intermittent)

  9. It really is time they bolstered their servers with all the money rolling in from the huge ps4 sales.

    • The PSN has been down for a few hours in the past year? Probably been fine for 99.9% of the time.

      Which is pretty good, really. Given the relatively small number of users. What are we up to now? 100m PS3/4/Vita sales?

      • A few hours? You must have missed the numerous articles in the last year.

      • No, it’s only been a few hours. A couple of hours today and the incident the other week. Plus lots of planned maintenance, which has only ever had the effect of bringing the store down. That’s never affected anything else.

        And I wasn’t at home when the DDOS thing the other week hit.

        So maybe 2 hours in the past year for me. 99.98% uptime then.

        Ok, so maybe if you add up all the downtime and assume it’s somehow affected you, you might get a worse number. But if a server goes down in the middle of the night and nobody’s around to notice, does that really matter? Has it even really happened?

      • The middle of the night for someone is day/evening gaming time for others. I really don’t get why you’re downplaying it. Many are fed up with it, check out some of the other comments and tell them they’re wrong too.

      • I’m not downplaying it. I’m just not turning it into some sort of massive deal when it really isn’t.

        There’s been maybe half a dozen hours in the past year when I can’t play something online. That really is exceptionally good.

        Of course, some people might think that because they’re paying £40 a year, it should be working 100% of the time. Which is never going to happen. Maybe if could go from 99.9% of the time to 99.99% of the time? How much would you pay to only have it not working for 53 minutes a year?

        Or maybe everyone should get compensation for that 0.1% of the time it’s not been available?

        Seriously, the internet really needs to grow up and stop being a bunch of whiney muppets sometimes. Yes, it’s annoying if the PSN goes down. But it’ll very rarely affect you and it’s not as if anyone’s ever suffered anything other than a bit of annoyance. Which is probably good for people now and then.

      • The problem for me though is that xbl doesn’t seem to have the same amount of downtime.

      • As AIR said, XBL doesn’t have the same issues and is a lot more reliable when it is working. With the increasing emphasis with Online functionality, and the stupid hypocritical 4theplayers tagline, I would’ve thought Sony would get their act together with PSN.

      • Lol, seriously? It “is a lot more reliable when it is working”? No shit ;-)

    • Seriously. Someone should ban that MrYD. This is no time for reason.


      • Sorry. I won’t do it again.

        I shall demand a refund from Sony. And a pony. No, 3 ponies. All of different sizes. That way I can arrange them all at different distances, with the biggest pony the furthest away. That way it’ll look like I’ve got 3 ponies, all the same size.

        I suppose I could have demanded 3 ponies the same size to start with, but that’d be unnecessarily reasonable.

      • Horsed perspective?

      • I knew I should have said horses instead of ponies.

        But pony rhymes with Sony. And whoever asked for a horse anyway? Do little girls run around shouting “I want an horse!”. No. They always want a pony.

        And ponies are cuter than horses anyway. They’re like little mini bite-sized horses.

    • Didn’t realise my comment was so unreasonable, I’ll try not to criticise Sony in future.

      • Yeah, like that’s going to happen ;)

      • And that possibly sounded a bit unnecessarily sarcastic. Sorry. You can have a pony. But just the one. And it might not be real.

  10. This better be back up soon. I’m trying to get s clan together to play call of duty

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