Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype Brings Bullet Hell To PS Vita

I doubt many of you have heard of Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype but for those of us who love shoot ’em ups it is one of the few games of it’s ilk on PlayStation, and the good news is it’s about to jump to PS Vita.


This won’t be a slapdash port, the game will run on a custom-built engine which gives the developers “excellent control over the PS Vita hardware.” The team are aiming for a console perfect port running at 60fps, with new challenges and a brand new trophy list.

The game has a dynamic score-linked difficulty system and a chaining mechanic for the weapons which, if I’m honest, I’ve never quite got the hang of.

The game will also be cross buy, so if you already own the PS3 version you will get the Vita game for zero pennies! In even better news, the game is on sale right now for just £2.96 if you have PlayStation Plus.

I heartily recommend you buy it, and if you need anymore persuading TSA gave the original game 8/10 on first release, and it was £15 back then and it has local co-op.

Source: EU PS Blog


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  1. Awesome! I own it already and I can see myself playing it on the move.

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