The New Driveclub Trailer Is “Simply Stunning”

After a rather lengthy delay Driveclub hits the shelves, and PlayStation Plus, next week.

This new trailer is titled “all action” and shows off the “simply stunning” game. That is what the quote in the trailer states, although I have never heard of the website that gives the quote, Axis of Evil or something like that?

Source: YouTube



  1. No idea who they are quoting.. ;o)
    ..but clearly it’s the truth, that trailer really is stunning!
    And that crash.. wow.
    Excited for this now!

  2. PS4 forza killer! Killzone halo killer! How killers have sony got

  3. That is seriously impressive. I saw the trailer for Forza Horizon 2 on the cinema last week. It really didn’t look anything special graphically.

  4. Youtube video compression still kills the quality!
    Check out this direct capture to webm, still going to be a bit of loss of quality but much better than youtube:

    • and thats at 30fps?? That look amazing!

  5. Looks fantastic! very excited about this game, but as a lone (read friendless!) gamer my club might be quite small!!ce la vie, bring it on..

  6. Hey everyone,

    I’m trying to find out if there is an early download available on the full version? I recall some games offering the ability to download before release date. I appreciate I won’t be able to play until release day.

    I have horrendous broadband up here in the Highlands of Scotland. Downloading the 17 GB before release would be a bonus.

  7. Oh yeah, the Axis of Evil, beware of them folks… If you don’t preorder, the tursts have won!

  8. Love the TSA quote in there :-)

  9. Looking forward to this so much, need a decent driving game

  10. Wow, was delighted to see my favourite gaming site on the web been qouted! Excellent stuff lads.

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