The New Driveclub Trailer Is “Simply Stunning”

After a rather lengthy delay Driveclub hits the shelves, and PlayStation Plus, next week.

This new trailer is titled “all action” and shows off the “simply stunning” game. That is what the quote in the trailer states, although I have never heard of the website that gives the quote, Axis of Evil or something like that?

Source: YouTube



  1. This will be the first racing game I’ve ever bought (pre-ordered) on day one. Stunning.

    Only on Playstation.

  2. And all at glorious 30 frames per second!

    • I know, it’s insane! I’d be impressed with 20fps when you consider the visuals. Not long now, just need to decide what wheel to get.

      • I’m gutted that the only wheels that work on PS4 are the Thrustmaster ones, as I’ve got a DFGT wheel. Bollocks if I’m buying another wheel.

    • Yep. As amazing as it looks, if its 30fps the gameplay is going to be meh.

      • meh… you mean Mesmerising, Exhilarating and High-octane! I’m with ya buddy!

      • Just as mention to give this some perspective. We have had generation after generation of questionable frame-rate games where the fun was through the roof. Sure, we’ve moved on (mostly) from those times but millions of people enjoyed their time with the Commodore 64, Amiga, Sega Saturn, PS1, etc (and previous hardware to that).

        This whole “oh, it’s only 30 FPS” feels so trifling when brought up like this.

    • To be fair, Forza Horizon (and Forza Horizon 2) are 30 FPS and their 85, 86 on Metacritic with poo-loads of positive reviews from the media. Locked FPS (of 30) does seem to not matter too much to most people.

      • Agreed, the important word here is ‘locked’. No FR dips and 30FPS is more than adequate (for me anyway). Forza Horizon is an absolute blast to play seems locked on 30 FPS. I’m most excited about the next gen graphics and that Project Gotham vibe the game has.

    • But Starman, I didn’t think 30fps matters. It certainly didn’t when we were talking about Forza. In fact even the mentioning of frame rate in the review seemed to annoy you.

      Forza Review – Starman “I think I’ll be getting this then. On a side note I challenge anyone to find a last gen review that starts and ends with the resolution and frame rate being discussed.”

      Hee hee ;)

      • Only posted it because I knew it would get a few of you going, ha ha!

      • Yep, I know. Keep up the good work ;)
        I was waiting to see what your new nemesis had to say but he never turned up. I tried lol

  3. Are there any actual “tracks” or is it only “road races” in the game?

  4. Day one.

    Being a TSA veteran I love seeing how much gravitas your hard work is gaining. TSA FTW!

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