Video: Hands On With Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s Multiplayer

As Sledgehammer Games wrap up on development for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, we got some more time with the game and its multiplayer. Sure, we’ve talked about how the game endeavours to mix up the franchise’s gameplay in the past, but what better way to demonstrate how big a (double) jump it is than to show you directly captured gameplay footage from an Xbox One?

Check out the video to see just how customisable your characters are, the Pick 13 system, the holographic firing range, the previous unseen Retreat multiplayer map with its Chinese theme and, of course, some hand picked moments of multiplayer gaming where I go on kill streaks and don’t completely suck!


While you’re here, Activision have also released a small selection of new images for the game. Who’s that ominous and angry looking chap in the final photo?



  1. I feel the need to stab you after that tagline.

    • Exo-lent. This was my plan all along.

  2. I smell a whiff of crisis here, minus the cloak. .

    • There is an Exo Cloak ability, which is also featured during a single player mission which I saw at E3. You can only have one Exo ability in your loadout (Well, OK, you can equip a second ability at the cost of not having a grenade wristlauncher thing), so it’s not as flexible and on the fly as Crysis, I don’t think.

  3. Its all very good trying the MP in a controlled environment, but its gonna be the usual lag fest on release when the masses get on it. If you really want to improve CoD MP fork out for some dedicated servers. Surely with all the cash they have generated in 8 rehashes of the same game they can afford it.

    • I know you’re probably on playstation but the xboxone version is on dedicated servers if that tempts you.

  4. How many people are in a game

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