Assassin’s Creed Unity Locked To 900P On Xbox One And PS4 “To Avoid All The Debates And Stuff”

Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of Assassin’s Creed Unity will be locked to 900p and 30 fps. “We decided to lock them at the same specs to avoid all the debates and stuff,” explained Senior producer Vincent Pontbriand.

He might avoid a debate about frame rates but Ubisoft will now have to incur the wrath of PlayStation 4 gamers who will accuse them of borking their version of the game just to keep Microsoft happy.

Vincent did offer a technical reason as to why the game runs at 30 fps, explaining that it was the artificial intelligent routines for the on screen characters that was causing a problem.

“Technically we’re CPU-bound, the GPUs are really powerful, obviously the graphics look pretty good, but it’s the CPU [that] has to process the AI, the number of NPCs we have on screen, all these systems running in parallel,” he said.

“We were quickly bottlenecked by that and it was a bit frustrating, because we thought that this was going to be a tenfold improvement over everything AI-wise, and we realised it was going to be pretty hard. It’s not the number of polygons that affect the framerate. We could be running at 100fps if it was just graphics, but because of AI, we’re still limited to 30 frames per second.”

Last year’s Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag originally ran at 900p on both consoles but was patched up to 1080p on PS4 shortly after the game shipped.

Vincent has also explained why there is no Wii U version of the game, and the simple answer is the console is just not powerful enough to handle the title.

“It couldn’t, it really couldn’t,” he said. “I mean this is why we from the beginning, this was going to be a new-gen-only title, because the crowds aren’t aesthetic, they actually have impact. If we did anything to hinder that or to reduce that it would have a detrimental impact, it wouldn’t be the same experience.”

“I don’t think that would be fair to fans, to sell the same game but with different levels of experience. Even the seamless nature of the series and the scale of the game right, we couldn’t do that. We never load Paris. It wouldn’t be possible, in our minds we’d be cheating fans by providing a lesser version of the same game,” he added.

Ubisoft have also released a new story trailer which you can view below at 1080p, which is rather unfortunate.

Source: Videogamer, YouTube, Redbull



  1. I’m now getting worried about The Division. Will the nerf that to save any debate?

    • Doesn’t it have exclusive content on Xbox One. I’m pretty sure the PS4 version will be held back by the Xbox One inferior power.

      • This is a joke. What have MS and XB1 actually contributed this gen other than false promises and funded hype? Absolutely nothing that’s what. Stole Tomb Raider, gimped AC Unity, what’s next? Can’t win fairly so they resort to dirty tactics.

      • @JR: Forza Horizon 2, Sunset Overdrive, Halo Collection. Compare that to Sony’s DriveClub, Last of Us remaster and the cross-gen LBP3. I know who delivered more in my book.

        And don’t pretend Sony doesn’t use the same tricks. With the Destiny marketing exclusivity, the exclusive content to it and Diablo 3. They “stole” Tomb Raider back in the day too.

      • You appear to have picked three very random games for PS4 whilst listing the very best of what XB1 has to offer. Forza 2, never heard of. Sunset Overdrive, I agree looks good. Halo, not interested. Whilst completely ignoring the very best that Sony has to offer… Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, inFamous, The Order, No Mans Sky… They both have great games. The fact is, Sonly delivered on what they promised with the PS4 and they are reaping the rewards. The XB1 doesn’t even bear the slightest resemblance to the monstrosity that was announced to the world a little over a year ago and MS just can’t handle the fact that they are being outsold 2:1. As a result of that embarrassment, they keep making these dick moves, like buying exclusivity of a sequel to one of the best selling multi-platform games last year and pressuring devs into gimping multi-platform games. I don’t care if Sony bought TR in 1996, that’s nearly 20 years ago. It’s history. MS tried to break the asian market with burger ads… are we going to hold that against them forever??? Well… maybe. I don’t have a problem with MS in general but when they’re loosing, they’re assholes. They don’t care about gamers, they care about profits and saving face at any cost. Sony aren’t saints either but you didn’t see devs gimping 360 versions of multi-plat games last gen when tests showed that they performed better on the 360. You don’t see Sony buying exclusivity of sequels to popular gaming franchises out of spite. And you certainly don’t see them forcing devs to gimp multi-platform games to ‘avoid all the debates and stuff’. The same should apply this gen.

      • First off, they were not random picks but the notable mentions of first-party lineups for the latter half of this year. I’m well aware of the Playstation titles, I do own a PS3, a Vita and a PS4.

        We should be thankful the Xbox One changed from what was promised as we’ve got a better product in the end. Do you not remember the outcries of always-online?

        Please calm down and add paragraphs, it’s difficult to read your comment. And don’t add unnecessary things like buying sequels out of spite when it’s a simple business decision both parties benefitted from. The developer/publisher and Microsoft that is.

        Microsoft may pull some bold moves since they’re in second, but what large company wouldn’t?

        This parity is Ubisofts fault, they have the final say. This doesn’t fall in line with previous events. Did Microsoft force Blizzard or Bungie to gimp the PS4 version to 900p? No, instead they gave a helping hand to the development in order to reach 1080p on Xbox as well.

      • Did we get a better product though? Or did we get an inferior imitation of what was already available?

        And who exactly should be thankful for Microsofts new business strategy? The Tomb Raider fans or the Assassins Creed fans? Or are you referring to the mugs who invested in this half-assed concept in the first place?

        You call them bold moves, I call them shady. Sony were in second place last gen and they didn’t resort to these so called ‘bold’ moves of yours. They invested in new games and gave people a reason to buy their console. They didn’t whip out their cheque book and buy any multi-platform game any lame-ass dev was willing to sell – spitting in the face of long standing fans of the series in the process for personal gain.

        You actually believe Ubisoft made this decision off their own backs? That they weren’t coerced into gimping the PS4 version? Riiight.

        Also, if you’re having difficulty reading my comments, may I suggest you enrol in a foundation reading course for the mentally impaired before deciding to ‘grace’ us with your opinion again. Just a thought.

      • “Mentally impaired”? Jeez, you’re a right laugh.

        Sure, there was probably some money involved. But if so, then shouldn’t we blame the once who took the deal?

        I apologise if I somehow offended you, but I don’t think I want to continue this discussion since you feel the need to turn to straight up name-calling. Thanks for the paragraphs though mate.

      • That’s very noble of you. I believe very strongly that when you can’t win an argument, it’s always best to just walk away. Lovely chatting with you and I’m glad those paragraphs made it easier for you to understand. Now I hope you’ll hold up on your end of the bargain and enrol on that course. Ciao for now.

      • @JR you’ve really never heard of Forza Horizon 2? There was a review and it was mentioned in several articles recently, a highly rated game, as are the other xbox exclusives that are actually out now unlike 4/5 of the PS4 games you mentioned.

        If you weren’t so blinded by rage you’d see its a great, always improving console with many great exclusives.

  2. Great so the PS4 version is disadvantaged because the Xbox One cant keep up.

    I read this whole “don’t want to have a debate” thing as Microsoft told us not to allow the PS4 version to be better.

  3. I am so pi$$ed about this, and confused. If Black Flag could be run at 1080 why can’t Unity. I feel like Ubisoft have yanked my trousers down and well and truly screwed me. Especially given that Assassins creed is my favourite title and I’ve always defended Ubisoft and AC to all my friends.

    • I don’t question whether Unity could run at 1080p on PS4, but that’s like asking why your PC can’t run Battlefield 3 at 1080p when it can run Battlefield 2 at that resolution. The game is FAR more demanding, so since the hardware hasn’t changed you can’t expect to “max it out” as easily.

  4. No Microsoft. Were not doing this again.

    I won’t buy Unity if its held back due to Microsofts piss poor limitations. Why should the PS4 version be chopped short?

    Honestly. This is not the answer and further more a reason why I’ll never buy another thing by Microsoft. Never.

    I’m really annoyed by this. FFS….

    • Never ever again!

      I haven’t bought anything from the since the days of PGR on the 360 whilst waiting for the PS3 to launch. I’m so annoyed by this!

  5. Ubi aren’t doing too well on marketing here. First the can’t animate women debacle and now this. They need to let their pr department have more control over what is allowed to be printed.

  6. If Ubisoft are restricting the game across platforms due so as to cater for the xbox then why not enforce even tougher restrictions so that it runs on the WiiU? Or are they saying that xbox is as low a spec as they will go?

  7. Am I the only one who isn’t that bothered? It’s clearly going to be an amazing game regardless.

    • I’d say it’s more to do with the principal of the matter.
      If the reasoning behind the PS4 version of the game is scaled down or locked to 900p because of a parity/Microsoft clause this is an issue, especially if the PS4 version is or would have been capable of 1080p.

    • If this is the case, PS4 customers are suffering at the mercy of Microsoft who are purposely holding us back & stopping us from playing the game at it’s full potential which is not on at all.

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