Microsoft’s RoomAlive Prototype Turns Your Entire Room Into A Game

Remember IllumiRoomMicrosoft’s concept used Kinect to scan the environment around you, and then projected certain elements from the game world into your room, making the experience much more immersive and taking the game beyond your TV screen.

RoomAlive, the new proof-of-concept prototype from Microsoft takes that one step further, transforming your room into a reactive game world with its scalable projection system. A video explaining the system is below.


Yes, it’s very much a prototype, but makes very good use of Kinect, and could be somewhat of a hint of where Microsoft want to take gaming in the future. It’s a really interesting video, anyway, but I don’t know why you’d want to fill your room with cockroaches or rodents.

Source: YouTube, via CVG



  1. Ha, Portal with this might great, although the lack of real life portals in the living room would mean a lot wall banging.

    Might be quite good for 3D puzzle games and some unique open exploration games where things could be interacted with.

    It all sounds cool, and seems like it’s a bit of an early holodeck prototype (really early of course).

  2. Colour me not impressed.

    I’d have thought that they’d have something a little more polished to show at this stage.
    Nice to see the admission that Kinect needs buttons to work… surprise.

  3. I use lighting and projection at work to create some fun effects but you’re always thwarted by shadows, mainly your own!
    Scanning a room and using something like Oculus Rift however..

    Running that many projectors isn’t practical in a residential environment. They produce far too much heat and your electricity company will start sending you share options through the mail instead of bills.
    In a theme park, this COULD work but it would still be pretty crappy.

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