Mountain Dew & Doritos Exclusive Advanced Warfare Items: How Many Calories?

A range of exclusive Mountain Dew and Doritos branded items for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare have been announced for consumers in the United States and, just for fun, I wondered just how many calories a rabid Call of Duty fan would need to consume to get every single exclusive item, many of which come with XP multipliers.

I have listed the snack, the reward and the calorific content of the snack, which was taken wherever possible from the official Mountain Dew and Doritos websites. I had to take the values for the 11oz Doritos snacks from elsewhere, and I am being nice with the “7-Eleven App  Purchase” – which can be any Mountain Dew or Doritos product – by assigning it the lowest possible calorific score.

Snack Gear Reward Calories
Mountain Dew 20.oz Moutain Dew Fuel Boots 290
Mountain Dew 1 litre Moutain Dew Pants 510
Mountain Dew 2 litre Moutain Dew Knee Pads 1,020
Mountain Dew 12 Pack Moutain Dew Fuel Gloves 2,040
Mountain Dew 24 Pack Moutain Dew Fuel Green Helmet 4,080
Doritos 3.375oz Cool Ranch Doritos Fuel Gloves 525
Doritos 3.375oz Nacho Cheese Doritos Fuel Shirt 490
Doritos 11oz Nacho Cheese Doritos Fuel Red Helmet 1,540
Doritos via 7-Eleven App Purchase Mountain Dew & Doritos Fuel Loadout 140
Wal-Mart Exlcusive Doritos 11oz Nacho Cheese Doritos Fuel Red Helmet 1,540
Mountain Dew 24 Pack, Large Doritos + CoD Game Mountain Dew & Doritos Fuel Exoskeleton 5,620

To get every single promotional item you would have to consume 17,795 calories. That is over a week’s worth of recommended daily intake of calories for men or almost nine days for the ladies.

If you were to run at an average speed of 6 mph on a treadmill, you would burn around 229 calories in 20 minutes, so your Call of Duty/Doritos/Mountain Dew Burn Off Marathon would be 155 miles, or just shy of 26 hours continuous running.

Happy snacking!

Source: Activision


  1. You’d have to be a complete dick to actually chose to run around in your “Doritos Fuel Red Helmet”, particularly in a FPS where you can’t see it. Glad I’m avoiding this CoD game, the franchise is becoming a joke.

    • You’d have to be a complete dick to run around in any of the aforementioned items that you can unlock. Surely a franchise like CoD teaming up with Mountain Dew and Doritos just gives them and video gaming in general a bad reputation? Only those who can consume a dangerously unhealthy amount of junk food play video games, now that’s a news story for the likes of the Daily Mail to jump onto.

      • Yeah. To me it just says this company is all about making money rather than an amazing game. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a business after all, but to cheapen your own game by having these shite items in there (just because someone paid you a shit load of cash) is wrong. I can’t imagine Naughty Dog giving Drake a Quavers sweatshirt just because Walkers gave them a load of money, you have to have some morals and respect for your own game somewhere.

  2. Brilliant article!

  3. I assume the hardcore gamer will simply put down their pizzas and Red Bull and change to diet coke and the above list to get it all sorted in one day. 17,795 calories is nothing to them. Just a change of diet as oppose to downgrading their all-important calorie intake. :-)

  4. Slow news day?!

  5. Pot Noodle have an upcoming deal with Bloodborne. Can’t wait to take down havelbros in my “Bombay Bad Boy King Pot Noodle” armor set!

  6. So just an average snack for your TYPICAL American.

  7. Love the fact that it is posted on the support pages & has the generic ‘did this solve the issue?’ queries at the top & bottom of the page.

    If the issue was obesity, I would say it definitely did not solve the issue.

  8. What if I told you… You don’t actually have to eat and/or drink it all in ONE day? :O Unbelievable, I know.

    • Someone had their funny bone removed I see ;-)

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